Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Special Classes: Battlefield 3 Soldier(Assault)

Good morning everyone. I've got a special class set up for you to use in Black Ops 2.

We're going to be making a class that represents a character setup you see in Battlefield 3.

This class will focus on the Assault Class build from BF3, I'll have a Support Class setup later on today.

For this class you will need the  Perk 3 Greed Wildcard.

To closely resemble the default Assault Class Setup in Battlefield 3's multiplayer, the first weapon you should equip is the M27 assault rifle from the assault rifle tier.
We use the M27 due to it's close resemblance to the M16 also due to the fact that the M27 is built around the platform that the M16 was made.

For your attachments. Equip the Foregrip and EOTech sight.

It will almost resemble the M16-A3 from BF3 for the Assault Class you use in the multiplayer. With the Foregrip we almost get a 2 in 1 attachment as for some strange reason the Foregrip on the M27 comes with a flashlight attached to the grip as an aesthetic.

For your secondary we're going to equip the B23R to resemble the 93R you unlock in the BF3 Co-Op missions. You should also spend a point on the Extended Clip attachment so you can resemble the magazine size from the 93R in Battlefield 3.

As for your perks, the only perks we're going to be using will be Toughness, Extreme Conditioning and Dexterity.

When you take damage in BF3 you don't really flinch, instead your vision is blurred and you're suppressed  , so the only thing to resemble the game design is Toughness.  In BF3 your soldier doesn't get exhausted and can keep sprinting and sprinting  and sprinting through the map without stopping, even the soldiers using an LMG.

Extreme Conditioning will be equipped to kind of mimic the soldier's conditioning from BF3, the soldiers in BF3 don't take their time when mantling objects in BF3 so Dexterity will be equipped so you can be as nimble as the soldiers from BF3.

As for the last point available it should be spent on the Hand Grenade from the Lethal Equipment category.

That's our build.

M27- Foregrip and EOTech Sight

B23R-Extended Clip

Perk 3 Greed Wildcard


Dexterity w/ Extreme Conditioning

Hand Grenade

This class is not designed to take the advantage in the game, however you are still capable of taking out the enemy team with ease if you focus on the strengths of this class and know your way around the maps.

Recently I used this class and came out of a match with a 24-8 K/D so it's not the worst class setup.

It may take some time to get used to but it will pay off in the end when you bring Battlefield to COD.

The next class setup based around BF3 will be focused around the Support Class, there we'll use an LMG from BF3 and use equipment and traits that the Support Class has that we can clone in Black Ops 2.

I hope you enjoyed and you'll give this class a shot.

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