Microsoft:Xbox 360 For Those Without Internet

Afternoon folks, got a bit of news for those of you who can't afford an Xbox One or an internet connection.

In an interview with Don Mattrick done by Geoff Keighley and posted on, Don Mattrick addressed concerns about the always online connectivity requirements of the Xbox One.

"Fortunately we have a product for people who aren't able to get some form of connectivity; it's called Xbox 360,"

Mattrick is aware that there are gamers who'll be missing out on the Xbox One, he "absolutely" anticipated some blowback, and yet still went to reiterate that he feels they made the right call.

Here is the latest redesign of the Xbox 360.

The console is priced at $199 on Amazon.

To be quite honest I think this is a pretty good trade off, if you can't afford the Xbox One, you can still get a new sleek 360 console that has a very big library, a very low cost and if you time it right you can actually get two free games next month.

This new redesign is actually available right now.

Amidst the massive PR cloud above Microsoft there does seem to be a ray of light shining on Microsoft. I personally think this is a pretty good compromise on Microsoft's behalf.

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