Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Weapon Guides: XPR.50 Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle Guide

Good afternoon everyone, welcome back to another weapon guide.

Today we're going to be looking at the last available sniper rifle in Black Ops 2, the XPR.50.

Weapon Profile

The XPR 50 is a non-existing weapon.

No such weapon with the name nor design exists, so the suspicion is that this weapon was introduced in 2025 and it is a prototype weapon due to the name 'XPR'

Which could stand for Experimental Prototype Rifle.

Weapon performance
The XPR 50 is a high damage semi-automatic sniper rifle and is unlocked at Level 52 during your Prestige.

The damage profile of the XPR is similar to the Ballista, the XPR and the Ballista deals 95 units of damage at any range. The damage multiplier on both rifles although similar when hitting most areas of your opponents' body.

The XPR without the Silencer equipped  gains a 2.0 damage multiplier when you hit the head, neck and chest rising to a total of 190 units of damage, when you hit the upper arms and stomach region you gain a 1.5 damage multiplier, equating to 142.5 units of damage. Anything below these specified areas and you will need 2 shots to kill your opponent.

If you do equip the Silencer then the damage profile is changed.

You still gain a 2.0 damage multiplier to the head, neck and upper arms. Anything below the chest equates to a 2 shot kill.

Fire rate is good at 375 RPM, you can spam the rifle if you want to in order to kill many of your opponents but you need to control your fire rate due to the recoil of the weapon.

The ADS speed is 0.4 seconds, you can get away with quick scoping on occasion but it does not have the speedy handling of the Ballista.

The XPR has a slow reload of 3.5 seconds for both a normal reload and an empty magazine reload, you can reload cancel at the 2.45 second mark.

The recoil of the XPR is mostly vertical, after one shot the XPR will jump up greatly but will recenter itself very quickly.

Idle Sway is high without the Ballistic CPU, before you unlock the Ballistic CPU it is recommended that you take your time to place your shot on target before you fire.

To help you in hitting your target is a pretty decent default scope, I personally liked the default scope to the XPR.

At first I didn't really enjoy the XPR, but through time I actually enjoyed the rifle. I am very close to unlocking the Gold camo challenges for the XPR, with the help of the Ballistic CPU and Variable Zoom the recoil and scope actually helped me get multiple one shot kills frequently.

It combines the characteristics of the Ballista with the SVU resulting in a hybrid sniper rifle. If you know how to handle the SVU and loved using the Ballista then you will be able to quickly master this weapon.

The best class that worked for me is my usual recommended class build for past Sniper Rifles.

Class Build

Equip the Perk 2 Greed Wildcard for this build.

Equip the XPR with the Ballistic CPU and the Variable Zoom.

The CPU will decrease idle sway and the Variable Zoom will help take out targets at extreme ranges.

As for your secondary you should equip the TAC.45 with the Long Barrel attachment so you have a medium ranged high damage secondary to take out any opponents that get close to your sniping position.

As for your perks.


Toughness paired with Cold Blooded

and Dexterity.

Will make you fast, resistant to enemy fire, your name will no longer be highlighted when an opponent is aiming at you giving you the advantage to hide in dimly lit areas of the map and will make sure your weapon is ready to fire faster after sprinting.

The Verdict

The XPR is a hybrid of the SVU and the Ballista.

It can take out multiple opponents in quick succession with one shot, through experience and player skill the XPR will turn into a semi-auto Ballista.

It's a unique rifle that you can trust to get one shot kills when engaging every opponent.

Thank you for reading, I hope you've enjoyed and that this helps.

My next game review will be on Kingdom Hearts 2 and Star Wars Battlefront.

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