Jack Tretton On The PS4: "A Consumer Focused Machine"

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Playstation CEO Jack Tretton in an interview with Bloomberg TV was discussing the Playstation 4 and why it is a consumer-focused machine. It will not restrict the use of used games, require users to connect to the internet once a day.

In the interview, Jack Tretton states...

"We're most concerned about the consumer and we really appeal to consumers on a worldwide basis, and I think in the United States, we realize there's a high degree of broadband adoption, but we're in a lot of countries where people don't have the ability to connect on a daily basis and we want to appeal to consumers worldwide."

When the subject came to the used games, Tretton said the ability to freely share titles with friends or to resell them to retailers creates value for the initial purchase. If this flexibility were to be taken away, consumers would be less likely to buy games, he said.

"The other thing as it relates to the ownership of the game, if people pay a lot of money for that, they equate the value with the flexibility they have in that, to do with it as they choose; to give it to their friends, sell it to their friends, trade it in to another retailer, that creates value in the initial purchase that they make."

"The goal is always to reach the most consumer-friendly price point so you can drive volume as quickly as possible, but you walk that line between wanting to deliver the ultimate technological experience at a reasonable price and we think we hit a really nice chord at $399 with Playstation 4."

Here's the interview


This is why Sony won E3 and why many people are switching to a Sony console instead of a Microsoft console.

If you think that you're getting the best deal with the Xbox One, really think about the hoops you need to jump through in order to play your games and think about when and where you will not be able to play your games and what you can and cannot do with the Xbox One.

It's really sad when we're at a point in console gaming where not restricting used games is actually a selling point.

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