NerdsNook: Hand Crafted Nerd Goodies

Evening everybody.

Gazette here for a quick little promotion for a new shop that has opened up on

This new shop is called 'NerdsNook'

The shop actually just opened today, it features hand made clay figures and necklaces.

Right now she has two figures and one those figures is Makar from Legend of Zelda Wind Waker.
The figure also has a special glow in the dark clay used on the Tri-Force underneath.

She also has several necklaces available for purchase in the shop, one of them is my personal favorite, a clay steampunk ferret.

The price for these items are actually a steal, considering that these are hand made items and plus, some of these things glow in the dark.

If you appreciate craftsmen ship(or in this case craftswomen ship) then you will like this shop.

She takes custom requests so you can request your own clay figure for her to make and send to you, when you contact her about a custom made item, go ahead and tell her Gazette sent you.

Here's the link to the shop

I hope you guys enjoy the merchandise, I hope you decide to purchase some items.

I'll go back onto my regular schedule tomorrow with the Call of Juarez Bound in Blood review.

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