Luigi's Mansion(2001) Review

Happy Father's Day everyone.

Today we're going back to the days of the Nintendo Gamecube and will be looking at Luigi's very own game.

Luigi's Mansion.


Luigi has won a mansion through a mysterious contest that he has not participated in, he finds it suspicious as his brother had also won a mansion through the same contest and has disappeared.

Luigi arrives at the mansion and investigates the mansion to see what's going on, further inspection reveals that the mansion is haunted and is home to dozens of dangerous ghosts.

Luigi is saved by a man known as Professor E.Gadd, the Professor has been hunting down these ghosts since he was a young man and somehow the same ghosts have returned but are more powerful.

Luigi also later discovers that his brother Mario is somewhere in the mansion being held prisoner by a very powerful ghost.

Luigi is given the Poltergust 3000 to combat the ghosts and find his brother, this is going to be the most terrifying night of Luigi's life but he needs to fight through the mansion to save his brother, no matter what he's faced with.


Luigi's Mansion even for a game 12 years old still looks great.

The fancy decor of the mansion mixed with dark atmosphere and sounds of the ghosts hiding the dark immerses you into the environment surrounding you, there's nothing out of place in the mansion that takes you out of the experience.

It's a Nintendo game so that's no surprise.

With that said though, this is not a terrifying game. The atmosphere is ery and spooky but that's all the credit I can give the game.


Luigi's Mansion is a pretty decent game but is nothing very exciting.

You're going throughout the mansion catching ghosts and finding loot such as the classic gold coins, cash, gold bars, rare emeralds and diamonds.

It's a rinse and repeat game, you go into a dark room where there is a major ghost, you get rid of the ghost, get the key to another room where there is another major ghost to catch and you continue to do that throughout the game.

Luigi's main tools to do this is his flashlight and the Poltergust 3000. You need to stun the ghost and use the Poltergust to eliminate the ghost.

You do this for almost every type of ghosts except for elemental ghosts, in the game there are element medals which allow you to use ghosts of elements like fire, water and ice to use against these elemental ghosts.

These situations where you need to use elements to take out the ghosts are very rare. The way you eliminate the ghosts doesn't vary that much and throughout most of the game you'll hardly ever need the use of the elemental medals, it's a rinse and repeat process.

The Verdict

Luigi's Mansion is not a very exciting or very fun game to play.

At best it's a decent game set in the Mario universe with ghosts.

What it does do well in is it's atmosphere.

Gameplay wise it really crumbles and is very linear with a heavy emphasis on rinse and repeat.

I am a Nintendo fan but I need to be honest, Luigi's Mansion gets a 4 out of 10

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