Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Weapon Guides:M1216 Select Fire Shotgun Guide

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Welcome back to another one of my Black Ops 2 weapon guides, today we're going to be finishing off the shotgun category with the last and very unique shotgun of the tier.

The M1216

Weapon Profile
The M1216 is also known as the SRM Arms Model 1216, is a delayed blowback semi-automatic shotgun, designed with a 16-round detachable magazine.

The weapon is designed for mobility, light, short and intended for home defense and low enforcement.

The most unique feature of the M1216 is the detachable magazine that runs parallel to the barrel, the magazine is a four tube magazine that can carry 4 shells in each tube, it can carry 3/4 inch or 3 inch shells for a total of 16 rounds. When the magazine is attached to the weapon, the operator can flip a switch and manually rotate the entire magazine to choose which tube feeds into the receiver.

In a tactical application, the operator could switch between different types of shells to adapt to a changing scenario.

The weapon has a polymer stock to reduce weight and a steel upper receiver, it has picatinny rails on the top and sides of the shotgun to allow a variety of attachments such as sights, lasers and flashlights.

Let's take a look at the shotgun in game.

Weapon Performance
In game, the M1216 is a low damage, select fire,  mid-range shotgun and is unlocked at Level 52.

Technically the weapon is low damage due to the pellet damage per pellet, the M1216 fires 8 pellets per shot, each pellet however only deals 25 units of damage per pellet up close and 6 units of damage at range, dealing a total of 48 units of damage at range.

Without the Long Barrel attachment, the weapon will deal it's maximum ammount of damage out to 4 meters and will drop to 6 units of damage out to 13 meters. With the Long Barrel attachment it will deal the maximum amount of damage out to 6-7 meters and wil deal the least amount of damage out to 15 meters.

The magazine size is massive, at 16 rounds, this is 4 rounds larger than the KSG with the magazinse size of 14 rounds, if you decide to equip Extended Mags the magazine size will increase 4 more rounds to 20.

The reload speed is slightly faster than the S12, 2.99 seconds if there are still rounds in the magazine and 3.50 when you completely empty the magazine, however you can reload cancel at 2.24 seconds. The S12 had a relad speed of 3.04 seconds with rounds still in the magazine, 3.70 if the magazine was completely empty and a reload cancel time of 2.32 seconds.

The M1216 when it gets ready to fire the next four shots of the tube magazine it needs to be cycled, your character will twist the tube to the left to fire the next four shots, in order to not be caught off guard if the first four shots of the M1216 do not successfully kill your opponent  try as much as possible to be out of the ADS animation, the magazine cycles faster when you're firing from the hip or you're out of the ADS animation, Fast Mags nor Fast Hands increases the magazine cycle speed.

Fire rate varies on how you fire the weapon, as I mentioned earlier this a select fire shotgun, you can either hold down the trigger to fire each round in one tube, totalling in a fire rate of 468 RPM however if you fire one round per pull of the trigger, one shot, the fire rate in total will be 225 RPM.

Recoil is low, surprisingly for a shotgun that can fire 4 shots in quick succession.

To help you with taking out your targets, the iron sights on the M1216 are actually very good, with a bright red circle indicator to help you track your target.

My experience with the M1216 was very good one. The first match and time I actually used the weapon I unlocked the first 3 camos for the weapon. It was a really good weapon for multi-kills surprisingly, I got more double kills with this shotgun than I did with the S12.

I've actually been getng more freuqent one shot kills then I have with any other shotgun, even the R870 and that's saying something.

The pellet spread wasn't massive in fact it was very narrow so if I didn't get a one shot kill, there were 3 other shots waiting to pepper the guy with buckshot.

The class that worked best with me is also the best class set up that helped me greatly with the S12.

Class Build

For this class you will need the Perk 2 Greed Wildcard and Perk 3 Greed Wildcard.

Equip the S12 with the Long Barrel and Laser Sight.

The Long Barrel will give you more range for one shot kills and the Laser Sight will reduce pellet spread when firing from the hip.

Normally I would suggest the Quickdraw handle but the ADS speed is faster than most other shotguns at just 0.22 seconds.

The 870 aims down the sight in 0.25 seconds, the KSG aims down the sight in the same speed and the S12 also aims in the same speed.

As for your perks


Toughness paired with Scavenger

Dexterity paired with Extreme Conditioning.

Ghost is equipped so you will avoid detection from enemy UAVs, Toughness will reduce the flinch when you're aiming down the sights and being hit by enemy fire, Scavenger will keep you supplied with ammunition.

Dexterity will get you ready to fire from the hip faster when coming out of sprinting and Extreme Conditioning will allow you to stay mobile for an extended period of time.

The Verdict

The M1216 is a very deadly shotgun, it can blast your opponents with a surprising amount of buck shot in a very short amount of time.

It's a good weapon for multi-kills and could quickly become your favorite shotgun of the game.

It is unlocked rather late into the Prestiege so it would be a good idea to spend a Permanent Unlock token for this weapon.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed and you learned something useful.

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