Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Weapon Guides: QBB LSW Light Machine Gun Weapon Guide

Hello everyone and welcome to another one of my Black Ops 2 Weapon Guides.

Today we're going to be going over the 2nd available LMG.


Weapon Profile

The QBB LSW is known as the QBB-95 LSW.

The QBB-95 LSW originates from the People's Republic of China that has been in service since 1997 to this date.

The QBB-95 entered production in 1995 and is still in production today.

QBB stands for Qīngwuqi, Bùqiāng—Bānyòng which translates to "Light weapon, Rifle, Squad Based, 1995" a light support weapon variant of the Chinese Type 95 family. The QBB-95 is fed through a 30 round box magazine or a 75 round drum magazine and fires the 5.8 x 42mm DBP87 cartridge, unique to the QBB-95.

The QBB is built with a longer and heavier barrel that allows sustained firing, the weapon is manufactured by Norinco for the People's Liberation Army, the armed forces of the People's Republic of China.

Weapon Performance
In game, the QBB is a low damage LMG comparing to most of the other LMGs in the tier. It however is unique in that it has slightly faster handling than most LMGs and also has the highest fire rate compared to most of the LMG tier.

The QBB deals 35 damage up close and 20 at a distance, a 3 shot kill up close and 5 at a distance. At a medium distance the QBB will deal an intermediate 25 units of damage between 19 and 38 meters.

The fire rate is unique for an LMG as it is the fastest firing LMG of the tier, the weapon fires at 900 RPM, if you equip rapid fire the weapon will fire at a devastating 1250 RPM. Time to kill is very fast at most ranges, long range engagements might require you to take more shots adding more time to kill an opponent.

The ADS speed of the QBB is on par with the other LMGs with an ADS in and out time of 0.45.

The reload time for the QBB by most standards is relatively slow. However by LMG standards the reload time is fast at 3.72 seconds with rounds still in the drum magazine and 4.6 if you completely empty the drum. You can cancel the reload at the 3 second mark.

Magazine size is good for an LMG with 75 rounds being the default mag size and 100 with extended clip attached.

Recoil is moderate. It doesn't kick up greatly but it does kick up enough that you may miss many shots if you don't control the recoil.

To help with your accuracy, the iron sights of the QBB LSW is decent, to say the least. It's not too obstructive nor is it very sharp but it is very clean with little in the way. What will harm your accuracy it's the muzzle flash that comes from the weapon, the miniscule front post iron sights don't really help you, so I would recommend an optic you're comfortable with using.

I found the QBB to actually be very fun. It killed the opponents very quickly and I actually got several quad-feed medals with it, this morning while unlocking each attachment I mostly got triple and fury kills with the QBB due to how fast it killed opponents.

The QBB although LMG in design is not just an LMG, it's more of an assault rifle LMG hybrid, the damage of an assault rifle with the handling of an LMG.

So for that I had to change the way I used the weapon, normally anyone who uses an LMG uses it defensively and stands still either in an elevated position or behind cover picking off opponents. With the QBB that defensive  playstyle did not work and playing aggressively like an assault rifle

What I didn't like about the QBB was the muzzle flash. What a lot of people do is attach the Silencer to eliminate the muzzle flash, don't do it though!

You lose 30% of your effective range, restricting you to very few range engagements. Although the weapon performs like an assault rifle, you still have the range of an LMG, do not use the Silencer.

The class that worked the best with me was actually an assault rifle build I commonly use.

Class Build

For this class you will need the Primary Gunfighter and Perk 2 Greed Wildcard.

Equip the Quickdraw Handle with the Hybrid Optic and Adjustable Stock.

The Quickdraw Handle increases the ADS speed, not greatly to where you aim down the sights as fast as an assault rifle but it will help.

The Hybrid Optic sight is equipped to help avoid the muzzle flash, the Reflex Sight of the Hybrid Optic is set pretty high so the muzzle flash will not be as blinding. The ACOG sight of the Hybrid Optic will help in long range engagements, through a controlled trigger finger and recoil you could do very well in long range engagements.

The Adjustable Stock is equipped so you move quickly when aiming down the sights through corridors and open areas, combined with the speed of the fire rate and your movement speed when aiming down the sight you can move quickly through the map taking out every opponent you encounter with ease.

As for your perks.


Toughness paired with Scavenger

and Dexterity

I must admit originally I wasn't going to use Scavenger, but because the QBB burns through ammunition Scavenger actually did come in handy to stay supplied in many engagements.

Lightweight counters the slower movement speed while using the LMG and Toughness is equipped to stay on target when coming under fire.

The Verdict

The QBB is not an LMG that has dominating power like the MK48, the QBB instead has a dominating fire rate that takes down opponents faster than most LMGs.

It's a pretty fun weapon to use that combines the characteristics of an LMG and an Assault Rifle.

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