Major Nelson: Banned Players Do Not Lose All Their Games

Here's some decent info this time.

A recent rumor was spreading that if you are banned on the Xbox One, you lose all the licenses to any games that are tied to your account.

This rumor had actually came by through a tweet from Xbox Support on Twitter.

Xbox Support replied to a tweet stating...

"If your account is banned, you also forfeit the licenses to any games that have licenses tied to it as listed  in the ToU"

Originally this was supposed to be the case for banned users of the Xbox One, however in an interview with Major Nelson. Nelson was asked about the this subject in an interview, he was asked about this subject.

"If someone is banned or not will they lose access to the games they have purchased?"

Which Nelson replied...

"Absolutely not! You will always have access to the games you have purchased."


I had actually seen a photo of this on some of the websites I visit and was actually very skeptical.

Microsoft has been doing some pretty appalling stuff in the eyes of the consumers and many gamers across the gaming spectrum, this however to me sounded way too evil, even for Microsoft.

I am actually very happy that this is not going to happen with the Xbox One.

Microsoft isn't out of the woods just yet, a lot can still happen in the months to come leading to the release of the Xbox One.

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