Call of Duty:Ghost Impressions

Good morning everyone.

Today I'm going to be giving my impressions on Call of Duty:Ghosts. I'll be going over the Behind-The-Scenes videos and the special "All-Access" event was held by Infinity Ward on Sunday.

We saw gameplay from the "Into The Deep" and "No Man's Land" missions in that event, so let's start with that first.

Let's begin.

"Into The Deep"

The mission opened with the player swimming underwater in The Caribbean Sea.

The player's weapon used was the APS underwater rifle that was designed in the Soviet Union by Vladimir Simonov.

The player and his partner were trying to avoid contact with a submarine that was using sonar to find them, the team took down a few enemies to avoid being detected and fired some sort of remote controlled underwater missile, it wasn't big but it did look like the Hunter Killer drone with it's wings collapsed.

The environment of the level looked pretty good, I wasn't blown away by the graphics but I was glad that it didn't strongly resemble Modern Warfare 3.

The way the level played out was very slow and very underwhelming, it was 6 minutes of very unexciting moments and although it did have my interest, I was not as engaged into the events as I normally would've been in most COD demos.

"No Man's Land"

Like "Into The Deep" no man's land was very underwhelming.

It looked great aesthetically but gameplay wise it was very dull.

We met the soldiers in "No Man's Land" which was located 10 miles North of San Diego.

We saw some gameplay using the dog, we saw the Honey Badger in action, all very unimpressive.

I don't know what I should be impressed about or what's fun about this new COD title.

Now for the tech.

Behind The Scenes

It's nice to see that Infinity Ward showed some of the new design to go into making the game, does it still interest me to play this new COD? No.

I do have good hope for the story of the game, the story is being written by Stephen Gaghan. He wrote the screenplay to the film "Traffic" I've never seen it or even heard of it but apparently it was a very good movie, so I do have faith with an Oscar winner writing the story to COD:Ghosts.

Some of the new features to COD:Ghosts is now you can lean out of cover to fire at the enemy, jump over an object while sprinting and continuing your momentum to where you need to go, you can slide into the prone position now as well and it is interesting and actually something new to the approach on how we play COD.

They also have added in dynamic maps, don't know how these vary and what kind of dynamics there are going to be but according to Infinity Ward, it will change the flow of the map.


I am interested into what "new" things we will see in the next COD. So far I am not impressed, I need more information about COD:Ghosts before I make up my mind about the game, and Infinity Ward really needs to do something to make up for the nightmare that was Modern Warfare 3.


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