Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Special Classes: Battlefield 3 Support Class

Afternoon everyone.

Back again with another BF3 class setup to use in Black Ops 2.

This time we're going to use a weapon out of the LMG tier and closely mimic the support loadout from Battlefield 3.

You're going to need the Perk 2 and Perk 3 Greed Wildcard for this class.

The weapon we're going to be using will be the LSAT LMG.
The LSAT LMG is a part of the Close Quarters DLC pack, fortunately for COD users all we need to do is rank up to a certain level to unlock the weapon.

The attachments to use on the LSAT should be the EOTech sight. The reason being is that the early unlocked attachments for the LSAT in BF3 optic wise is the Holographic Sight, Extended magazines is also an early unlock but it is not needed as the magazine size for the LSAT in Black Ops 2 is the same amount as the LSAT depicted in BF3.

As for your secondary, we're going to be using the TAC.45, the reason why is because it strongly resembles the MP443 handgun from BF3.
As for your perks.

We're going to equip Lightweight, Toughness w/ Scavenger and Dexterity w/ Extreme Conditioning.

In Battlefield 3 you move at the same speed you do when using an assault rifle, which is quite a feet so we're going to be bringing in Lightweight to clone the BF3 Support soldier's ability.

Scavenger is equipped to slightly resemble a BF3 Support player's ability to resupply their ammunition supply.

Dexterity and Extreme Conditioning to also resemble the BF3 soldier's ability to quickly mantle objects and run through the maps without need to stop and regain stamina.

The class setup again is not meant to be the best class to score those massive score streaks or high K/D ratios but it is entirely possible.

Give it a try, tell me how the class worked out for you.

If you have a special class you would like to recommend me to use, feel free to suggest a class in the comments down below. If I like the setup I'll make sure I write about it, credit you with the setup and let everyone else know about the class.

I hope you enjoyed, join me next time when I'll be reviewing an oldie from the Nintendo Gamecube, Luigi's Mansion.

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