The Top 12 Most Iconic Weapons In Gaming, Part.1

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In the history of gaming the main hero of the game is given a weapon, more often than not a weapon that is not available anywhere else or is a weapon that becomes very popular with the gaming community.

Once you think of a certain game you think of everything that stood out in the game, sometimes it's the weapon the hero used to save the day.

This is the list that names some of the weapons that stand out the most in video games and also are very popular with the gaming community.

Today I'm going to list 12 of those iconic weapons, thanks to the "Gaming "Community for contributing to this list.

I'm actually going to make this a 2 part Blog, this part will cover weapons 12-7 and the second part will cover 6 through 1. This is in no particular order or rank.

Let's go over The Top 12 Most Iconic Weapons In Gaming.

Number 12
The Master Sword from Legend of Zelda
The Hero of Time's weapon to rid the realm of Hyrule from darkness.

The Master Sword is a staple of the Legend of Zelda series, almost every Legend of Zelda game(except Majora's Mask) Link will come to the Master Sword's resting place and pull the sword from it's resting place to face the forces of darkness or is the key to time.

Whenever you play any Legend of Zelda title(except Majora's Mask) you know that some time later in the game you will pull out the Master Sword to use against Ganondorf and the forces of Darkness.

Number 11
The BFG 9000 from Doom
In Doom you are a lone soldier armed with a few weapons to face against the armies of Hell.

You get a pistol, shotgun, rocket launcher etc.

But the one weapon that stands out above the rest is the BFG 9000!

The BFG stands for "Big F--ing Gun" this weapon deals a massive amount of damage to the armies of Hell, even the biggest, strongest most intimidating enemies of Doom. Every demon you see on screen will be defenseless against the devastating power of the BFG.

Bah, just use the BFG.

Number 10
The Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts

The weapon that chooses it's wielder, the weapon that can unlock all doors and lock all doors.

The Keyblade is an iconic weapon of the Kingdom Hearts series, coming in all shapes and forms that is capable of so much.

The Keyblade is also the only weapon to defeat the dark forces known as The Heartless.

There is so many different variations of the key blade and in fact the ones we've seen in the Kingdom Hearts series are just a few of the keyblades that is out there in the Kingdom Hearts universe.

I don't know about you guys but my favorite Keyblade from the games I've played in the series is Guardian Soul from Kingdom Hearts 2.

Number 9
The Blades of Chaos from God of War
The God of War Areas forged these blades in the darkest depths of the Underworld.

Kratos pledges service to Ares, Kratos is given the blades to prove his worth and kills the Barbarian King Alrik.

The Blades of Chaos like The Master Sword from LoZ, is a staple of the God of War series. Kratos uses them throughout his quest to take down his foes, Kratos has used the Blades of Chaos to take down the Hydra, The Colossus of Rome and much bigger opponents.

The blade can be used to take down every enemy you see on the screen, there is no enemy that can escape the reach of the blades used by Kratos. Speaking of weapons that can be used to take down every enemy you see on screen.

Number 8 
Vampire Killer from Castlevania

The Belmont Family has been entrusted to kill Count Dracula and his forces that threaten the safety of Transylvania.

Vampire Killer has been used by every Belmont that has been sent into the night to kill Dracula and his forces, to me what makes the Vampire Killer stand out from the other weapons in any game is because you would never think to use a whip to take down someone like Dracula.

You would think a holy sword, bow and arrow or axe but not a holy whip blessed with the power to kill unholy creatures such as Dracula.

In Castlevania Lords of Shadow we saw a revised Vampire Killer again that could deal much more damage than its 2D counterpart, like the Blades of Chaos, the whip could be used to hit every enemy on screen simultaneously

I think Vampire Killer's days are numbered because so far from what I've seen in the Lords of Shadow 2 game trailers, the Vampire Killer is not going to be used.

Number 7
The Plasma Cutter from Dead Space

In Dead Space you do not have conventional weapons like you do in most shooter games. Normally you get a handgun or machine gun, in Dead Space you do not, you get the Plasma Cutter.

The Plasma Cutter is an iconic weapon from the Dead Space series, to me the reason why is because it is designed to be a tool for mining but now it's a tool to kill hordes of the monsters known as the Necromorphs.

It's able to shoot vertically and horizontally to dismember the limbs off of the necromorphs, either literally disarming them of their weapons to use against you or slowing them down to give you some breathing room to escape or kill them with ease.

It's also the only weapon I've used in a shooter that can be used  effectively against all types of enemies in the Dead Space games. Standard enemies to the more brutish enemies or agile enemies to the mini-bosses and actual bosses of the series can be taken down using the Plasma Cutter to take out any enemy, as long as you have the accuracy and ammunition to make sure you can kill the enemy.

It's also not a very flashy weapon that makes a lot of noise or unloads an extraordinary amount of lead(or plasma in this case) that kills your opponents, it's not big like the BFG 9000 and not as devastating like a rocket launcher, it's a simple, accurate and deadly weapon that can be used to kill any enemy.


Thanks guys for reading part 1.

Part 2 will be up later this afternoon.

Apologies to anyone who desperately wants to know what the other weapons are.

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