The Top 7 Most Annoying Enemies in Gaming

Hello fellow gamers, in today's blog I'm going to be talking about the Top 7 most annoying enemies in gaming.

Number 7 to Number 1 is ranked from least annoying to most annoying 

In almost any game on any console us players are given the task of taking out a massive amount of enemies, we take on all sort of baddies in these games, but sometimes we find one enemy that stands out above the rest that just makes you think to yourself "Why did they have to create this thing?!"

Don't lie, you know you've found at least one certain enemy in a game that makes you grind your teeth in frustration.

Which is why I'm going to be making a list on 7 enemies that annoy almost every gamer out there.

Let's begin.

Number 7
The Snow Beast-Dead Space 3

In Dead Space 3, Issac makes his way onto the cold wasteland that is Tau Volantis. Once there he finds text logs of the soldiers that were on the planet 200 years ago, the soldiers talk about a monster they hear out in the snow every once in awhile and some claim to have seen it. Nobody knows what it is exactly so they simply call it as The Snow Beast.

You first come across this four legged monster in the early sections of the game and he is one of those mini-bosses that FORCE you to use up your supplies and reward you little for defeating him every time.

Since the beast has been exposed to the cold for so long he somehow has developed an immunity to extreme cold. Due to this your Stasis ability will be more than useless, he will absorb your hit of Stasis and keeping charging at you like nothing ever happened, why is this an issue you ask?


I'm playing through the game on the Impossible Difficulty setting, nothing has been more frustrating than trying to take out this thing without using up my entire med-kit supply. The 2nd encounter especially was irritating, and after 3 attempts to defeat the beast failed, it was time to call it quits.

Thank fully the 3rd encounter is the last and is oh so satisfying, when you play the game, you'll know what I mean.

Number 6
Medusa Heads-Castlevania
In the Castlevania series there are many enemies that will stop you in your quest to stop Dracula. Skeletons, Possessed Armor, Two-Headed Dragons, Fish men, Vampire Bats and some of the most iconic monsters from horror films such as Frankenstein.

However throughout the long list of foes one stands out as the most ungodly frustrating. These things are easy to kill but the frustrating part about them is that they will swarm onto you in different patterns, causing you to loose timing of when to attack.

Especially in the NES versions of Castlevania where you could fall off stair cases just by being hit, these things could drop you to your death even though you have full health. In Super Castlevania IV they are especially annoying, on level 4 you reach a room in which you must hang onto a hook where the whip can grapple, but stay on a platform while a swarm of Medusa Heads come at you from both directions.

If your timing is off by even one second, you will be hit from both sides and you could be hit into the pit of spikes below you.

Number 5
The Wretches-Gears of War
Like the Medusa Heads from Castlevania you face many tough opponents, the Wretch is not one of them but by god they can be annoying.

The Wretch attack in numbers and can use their loud screech to stun you and your allies resulting in the Wretches to swarm and kill without you being able to defend yourself.

They can also climb the walls and the ceiling to avoid your gun fire. Fast small agile targets that can stun you at random allowing you to be killed by a swarm of these things, annoying.

Later on you'll find Wretches radiated with Imulssion, resulting in after death exploding enemies, if you can't take them out at a distance these things will come up close, if you do kill one but don't get out of the way in time, you may die.

Number 4
The Headcrab-Half-Life
What happens when you combine the aesthetic of a spider, the face-huger from the Aliens movie and a Metroid from the Metroid series, you get a Headcrab.

A parasite like creature that latches onto the head of it's victims and mutates the victim into deformed zombie. These things are terrifying and annoying, they come in numbers, they're fast, deadly and can create more enemies to defeat.

I myself was terrified of these things, with my aracnaphobia combined with the fear I have of the face-huger alien from Aliens that was able to create hideously disfigured zombies making screams and moans almost asking for help, it's terrifying.

However when they're not currently using a body as tool, they are as annoying as any tiny enemy can get.

Number 3
Dr.Salvador-Resident Evil 4
In Resident Evil 4 you find yourself in a remote village, isolated from civilization for who knows how long. In this village you discover that the villagers are infected with a parasite known as Las Plagas, a parasite that is capable of possessing the host to control the body as it sees fit.

Among the villagers you find Dr.Salvador. a Chainsaw wielding infected that resists Leon's weaponry and charges at him to make his incision with a chainsaw.

Dr.Salvador can kill you with one swipe, if you're not paying attention or don't get out of the way of the attack in time, you're dead.

Dr.Salvador is annoying because he is almost as strong as a mini-boss, faster than the other infected and can cut through the doors and cupboards you use to slow down the infected from swarming you.

In Mercenaries though we get an upgraded version of Salvador, Mega Salvador. A buffed upped version of Salvador wielding a two bladed chainsaw, swinging aimlessly throughout the map you're on and is even faster than his original form.

He can stop you in your tracks in a moments notice, he's as strong as a mini-boss and your pre-set equipment might not be enough to take him down easy.

You have been warned.

Number 2
The Deathclaw-Fallout 3 and New Vegas
You're amusingly wondering peacefully through the nuclear wasteland, listening to Galaxy News Radio with The Ink Spots song "I don't want to set the world on fire" you see a red dot on your radar and you see THIS!!!

The Deathclaw is a fierce and deadly creature. Mutated from god knows what or could be a demon for all we care sent to the Wasteland by Satan himself.

The annoying aspect of the Deathclaws is that they are fast and will continuously hit you over and over and over and over again. They will lunge at you, they will charge at you, they will jump at you to kill you.

You will be force into close quarters combat and may feel claustrophobic from the lack of free space you have.

Imagine a Call of Duty player that is only using the knife, you can survive some of his hits and get the chance to kill him. Imagine how it would feel to be hit over and over and over again from that same enemy and you're aiming position is changed every time he hits you.

And now......the big one......the most, teeth grinding, frustrating, rage inducing, controller out the window throwing enemy

Number 1
The Cazadors-Fallout New Vegas
The Cazadors from Fallout New Vegas is the MOST ANNOYING THING YOU WILL EVER ENCOUNTER IN ANY GAME!!!!!!!

The Cazadors are like mini-Deathclaws. They're fast, hit hard and will force you into a combat situation you do not want to be in.

Cazadors will take away a lot of health alone just from the hit of their stinger and it's poison will cause you to loose even more. If you don't have anti-venom or enough Stimpacks to heal yourself once the poison wears off you will be a dead man.

If you didn't save before you went into an area with a massive Cazador population and are unprepared to take on the Cazador. Be prepared to loose a lot of progress because more than likely that one Cazador is not alone.

If you have multiple Cazadors attacking you, may your character rest in peace and I pray that controller you have in your hands DOES NOT see the outside of your window.

In Conclusion

Today I hope I have not brought back some nightmares of these enemies and haven't scared you away from the game these enemies are from.

Because if you look at these games the enemies are from, these are all good games.

It's a price that we must pay in order to continue enjoying the game we're playing and once these enemies are gone a sigh of relief is due for the moment.

Thank you for reading.

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