Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide:Combat Knife Guide

Hello all, and welcome to another one of my Black Ops 2 weapon guides. Tonight I will be going over the very famous and controversial melee weapon of the CoD series.

The Combat Knife.

Weapon Profile

The Combat Knife in Black Ops 2 bares a striking resemblance to the ACE SE Hunting Knife, although the knife itself is not advertised as the knife used in Black Ops 2 it is the knife design which was used for the knife in Black Ops 2.

Uniquely the hunting knife in real life is pretty cheap for a survival/hunting knife weighing in at only 16 dollars.
The knife also comes with a fire starter tool, which actually works very well and can create a fire if you're ever deep in the woods without a lighter or easy means to keep yourself warm.

Weapon Performance
In game the Combat Knife is a high damage weapon, dealing a massive 100 points of damage. The maximum health for each player in Core modes are 100 HP so one slash or stab from this deadly blade will result in your opponents' instant death.

Although in previous COD titles the knife was able to lunge or be able to destroy kill streaks such as Sentry Guns, Sam Turrets and even the Assault Drone in MW3. However the knife can no longer do such thing, the knife is only effective against your opponents, not their equipment nor their score streak rewards. The Combat Knife is also incapable of performing a lunge attack, back in MW2 and MW3 if you used the knife you were able to lunge out to a distance and instantly kill your opponents. MW2 had a perk which enhanced the lung ability, Commando was widely regarded as the worst perk to ever be designed in COD history, until later Assassin from MW3 made it's appearance.

If both weapon slots are equipped with any type of weapon the Combat Knife will not come into play unless you press the melee button, the sol Combat Knife is accessed when one weapon slot is empty or both slots are not equipped with any kinda of weapon. This results in a knife only class with the benefit of having many points for the Pick 10 system.

Although you don't have the advantage of ranged combat or firing a an accurate weapon you have the advantage of quickly moving through the maps, taking out unsuspecting opponents and the ability to not be seen on radar when you strike.

The first 2 classes are ones I used in the multiplayer and the last one was designed by XboxAhoy on Youtube.

Class 1
For this class you will need the Perk 1-3 wild cards.

With these equip Lightweight w/ Flak Jacket

Coldblooded w/ Scavenger

Extreme Conditioning w/ Tactical Mask

Your last point should be spent on the Concussion grenade. If an opponent is fleeing or is facing the corridor of which you are approaching, you can stun him quickly, run around his line of fire and instantly score a kill.

With the class you will have the ability of fast movement with immunity to both lethal and tactical equipment from your opponents, your name no longer above your head, supplied with your tactical equipment and enduring in your stampede against the opposition.

Class 2
You will need the greed wild cards again but this time.

Combine Flak Jacket w/Ghost

Fast Hands w/ Scavenger

and Extreme Conditioning w/ Dead Silence

and of course a Concussion grenade

You will be immune to explosives and the UAV while quick to recover from a slash or stab, supplied, conditioned and silent. If an opponent is using awareness or is using a head set to listen, he may turn around and even surprise you and stopping you in your tracks.

Class 3
This class was actually made by Xbox Ahoy.

Perk 1-3 greed Wild Card

Lightweight paired with Ghost

Cold Blooded paired with Scavenger

Extreme Conditioning paired with Tactical Mask

and a Concussion Grenade

Either one of these builds will grant you an advantage with an otherwise major disadvantage against the enemy team. The ability to run through the map with an immunity with the most commonly used equipment combinations or the ability to become an absolute ninja.

The Combat Knife is not like the Knife from previous COD titles, you can't lunge, destroy score streak rewards and the will limit you to breathing down your neck CQC.

Adopting a lurking  play style while staying mobile and out of your enemies' line of sight will keep you alive and able to take out multiple opponents easily with your deadly blade. If you're a team player you could make things easier on your team by taking out snipers or campers hold up in buildings.

The best maps to use the Combat Knife are maps such as Hijacked, Overflow, Nuketown 2025, Raid, Standoff, Grind and Mirage.

The Combat Knife is a weapon that takes the skill and know how to be mastered, you may end up with an undesired K/D ratio but if used effectively and correctly you have the potential for leaving your opponents in the dust.

Thank for reading and I hope you've learned something useful. Tomorrow's weapon guide will be on the AN-94.

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