Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Weapon Guides: SWAT-556 Burst Rifle Guide

Hello everybody. Welcome to another addition to the series of Black Ops 2 weapon guides.

Today we will be going over the much over-looked assault rifle of Black Ops 2.

The SWAT-556.

Weapon Profile
The SWAT-556 is actually known as the Sig Sauer SIG-556. The rifle was developed to be a military and law enforcement used rifle, it has the famous SIG firearm features that have been from the other SIG designed weapons, high performance and low maintenance has made SIG designed weapons very popular.

Chambered to fire the 5.56mm NATO round using a gas operated rotating bolt system. The rifle's design is based off the SIG SG 550 assault rifle firing the same round and can be a semi-auto or fully automatic firing rifle.

Weapon Performance
The SWAT-556 is a high damage, low recoil, long ranged, burst fire assault rifle and is unlcked at Level 10. Up close you will deal a healthy 40 points of damage and 33 points of damage at a distance.

The SWAT's range damage has actually been patched, previously it dealt 24 points of damage at range but the patch now makes it more competitive at range.

Fire rate has been also patched. Pre-patch it would fire at 459 RPM, resulting in a mild burst delay, if you were not able to kill your opponent in the single burst there was a good chance you would be killed before the second burst. Post patch it fires at 483 RPM firing almost as fast as the M8A1, the SWAT however is the stronger rifle of the burst rifle category and is more of a miniature sniper rifle that shines in medium and long range combat.

Reload time is very fast for an assault rifle. With rounds still in the magazine the SWAT will reload in 2.09 seconds and if the magazine is empty will reload in 2.77 seconds, the weapon almost has fast mags built in, you almost gain a free attachment while using the SWAT.

Recoil is very low it is a very accurate rifle at almost every range except close range engagements. The iron sights, while not obtrusive in any way is very odd, the irons are usable but could be very hard to use due to a some what design.

The SWAT lacks close quarter ability but is a rifle that performs very strongly at mid to long range engagement. I know Select Fire would cure this problem but although you will have an automatic SWAT your recoil will be greatly increased and your range will be lowered drastically. After experimenting with the attachment it was not worth the point and there was all ready many strong secondary choices to fill in the close quarter ability that the SWAT is missing.

Our build will focus on the strengths of the SWAT and we will have an able back to make up for the lack of close quarter ability.

Class Build
Equip the SWAT with the Quickdraw Handle and the Reflex Sight. The Quickdraw handle is for a quick snap to aim in order to quickly aim down range and take out your opponents in a flash, with the high damage, long range ability and increased fire rate of the SWAT, your opponents will not be able to defend themselves.

For your secondary you will need the Secondary Gunfighter wildcard.

Equip the KAP-40 Machine Pistol with the Laser Sight and Long Barrel attachment. The KAP-40 will be a deadly weapon up close with superb hip-fire accuracy and with the Long Barrel to support mid-range engagements you will be able to make sure your opponents will be kept at arms reach.

As for your perks.


Fast Hands

and Dexterity.

Hardline will cut the amount of score you need in order to achieve high scored score-streaks, combined with the faster fire rate of the SWAT and it's high damage, with the high damage and fast fire rate of the KAP-40. You will be getting many frequent kills and you will be able to achieve those higher rewards much faster.

Fast Hands will ensure that you will be able to switch to the KAP-40 in an instant to ensure you are well prepared to take on opponents in close quarters and to quickly switch back to the SWAT for mid and long range engagements.

Dexterity will make sure your weapon will be ready quicker after sprinting, to take on an opponent who has caught you off guard.

This build is to keep the SWAT strong at distance engagements but having an ample back up to ensure close quarter combat is not a problem.

In Conclusion
The SWAT-556 is a miniature sniper rifle with the mobility and handling of an assault rifle.

It shines at medium and long range engagements but lacks any close quarter ability, as stated earlier the Select Fire won't do so the KAP-40 is there to fill the gap.

It's high damage combined with the rapid burst rate will make the SWAT a weapon that takes out opponents at range much easier.

If you're looking for an assault rifle that can dominate long range engagements then this is the assault rifle for you.

Thank you for reading, I hope you've enjoyed and have learned something useful.

For my next weapon guide I will be going over the MP7 sub machine gun.

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