Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Weapon Guides: Type-25 Assault Rifle Guide

Hello everyone, welcome back to another one of my Black Ops 2 weapon guides. I hope you all had a good Pi Day.

Today we're going over the redefined version of the Famas.

The Type-25.

Weapon Profile
The Type-25 is actually based on the Chinese QBZ-95 assault rifle, a bull-pup rifle that fires the Chinese designed 5.8x42mm cartridge, designed for increased range and penetration. It was designed in the People's Republic of China and is claimed by the Chinese military to be better than the 5.45x39mm Soviet Cartridge.

We have seen the same weapon aesthetic design in Modern Warfare 3, back then it was known as the Type-95.
In Modern Warfare 3 it was a 3-Round Burst Rifle and was known widely in the community as the most over-powered weapon in the game. Capable of dealing 55 damage per shot, you could out due the damage of a Sniper Rifle, LMG, Assault Rifle and SMG. With low recoil and incredible range damage this weapon irritated players of MW3 but satisfied the user to no end.

Weapon Performance
In game the Type-25 is a low damage, low recoil, fast firing, mid-range rifle. Dealing 33 points of damage up close and  22 at a distance. It's fire is remarkably high for the assault rifle category at 937 rounds per minute.

The damage translates to a 4 shot kill up close and 5 at a distance.  Up to 10 meters you will deal your maximum damage of 33, the damage will drop to 30 at a range from 11-31 meters and any farther than 31 meters you'll deal 22 points of damage.

Reload speed is sluggish for an assault rifle though, clocked in at 2.32 seconds if there are still rounds in the magazine and 2.95 if the magazine was completely empty. Fast Mags is a suggested attachment.

For those of you COD veterans who have used the Famas from Black Ops 1 and used the Type-25, you've felt that this weapon is similar to something we've seen before. This weapon performs exactly like the Famas from the original Black Ops title.
We all remember the nightmare that was the Famas. This weapon dealt 35 points of damage up close and 25 at a distance, with it's low recoil and high fire rate it was the best weapon in the game and every player used it due to the lack luster performance of the other assault rifles.

However do not panic, they have finally balanced the Famas. True you could see this as Treyarch finally fixing the Famas after 2 years but be glad that it's no longer an issue.

While it does have a high fire rate, low recoil and low damage. It is not an easy weapon to use. Even with it's somewhat clean iron sights.

The Type-25 is more of an SMG in Assault Rifle clothing. Although due to yesterday's patch that was released the mid-range damage was increased, as seen in the range stats above.

The Type 25 has many ailments making it a glorified SMG. It's magazine runs dry very quickly, it's range damage is poor and the reload speed is sluggish. One particular class build will not cure the rifle of it's many short comings.

Due to this I will go over each attachment and it's advantages.

Reflex Sight
The attachment removes the some what obscure iron sights and replace it with a precision dot sight. It is a good attachment if you want to clean up the iron sights.

Quick-draw Handle
The Quick-draw Handle by far is the best attachment choice for the rifle. No matter what type of load out you're aiming for the Quick-draw handle by far is the best choice for the Type-25.

ACOG Scope
You really do not want to use this attachment for the Type-25, it does not suit the Type-25's strengths. You could potentially use this weapon with Select Fire, but seeing as how it's range damage is low it won't make a big difference.

Fast Mags
Much like the Quick-Draw Handle you want to use this attachment as much as possible. You will turn the Type-25 into a very fast weapon in ADS speed and reload time, giving you a very good run and gun class set up.

If you're looking for a moderate advantage at long range then the Fore-Grip is your go to weapon of choice. You could use the increased center speed to take on opponents at range.

Adjustable Stock
A very good choice of attachment for a run and gun set up. Pair this with Quick-Draw and Fast Mags and you will have the fastest assault rifle set up on the battlefield.

Target Finder
A poor optic choice for the Type-25, this attachment is meant more for long range weapons instead of mid-close range designed weapons. If you use this attachment you will not see a huge advantage with this attachment.

Laser Sight
This attachment will actually suit well to the Type 25's performance at close range. Remember, this is a SMG-AR hybrid, the Laser Sight will give you an even greater advantage in close range engagements.

Select Fire
A poor choice for the Type-25. You will be more accurate at long range but your range damage will not change and you will be attempting what Icarus did in Greek mythology. Reaching for the sun but having your wings burnt in attempting to do so.

EO-Tech Sight
A decent choice for the weapon  but not the best. The Reflex Sight will do better for the Type-25.

The Type-25 has limited range, why restrict it even more. True you do gain a stealth advantage but what's the point? You'll get hit markers like crazy and I guarantee you will loose every ranged fire fight, even if you shot first.

The most common belief with this attachment is that your damage in general is increased. This is not true, listen to Drift0rXbox Ahoy and me.

The FMJ attachment ONLY INCREASES PENETRATION DAMAGE. If you somehow see a better performance with the Type-25 or any weapon it is a placebo effect, nothing more.

Hybrid Optic-Sight
Again an all right optic choice, you'll have a Reflex Sight and ACOG scope available. So if you want to have an optic for close to mid-range engagements and a bit of a long range advantage then the Hybrid sight will help greatly.

Extended Clip
This attachment will grant you better advantage in general engagements. The magazine will no longer be depleted as quickly as normal but your reload speed will be increased by 10% roughly about 2.38 to 2.40 seconds.

It is a good attachment but Fast Mags will be better.

Grenade Launcher
This attachment could be used as an anti-camper tool or a tool to take out opponents at a Domination flag. Other wise it's not worth the point.

You will get a one shot kill on opponents, unless they're running Flak Jacket. But it will only see limited use and effectiveness.

Mili-Meter Scanner
A good optic choice. The Mili-Meter Scanner is essentially a Reflex Sight with a twist, granting you the ability to see idle targets behind cover you could also use this as an anti-camper tool with the right set up.

If you have FMJ you could take out enemy equipment and enemies themselves. If firing through the right thin cover.

I can not strongly recommend an entire class set up as it may not be as effective as it could be. Even my load out I used in game could not win me all the fights I was caught in.

I can recommend two perks you MUST take. Toughness and Scavenger will be a great asset to the Type-25, keeping you on target when being hailed by on coming fire and loaded for any engagement.

The Verdict

The Type-25 is the balanced version of the Famas from the original Black Ops and is an SMG AR hybrid. It's a strong close to mid-range weapon but weak at range.

It's a weapon that requires much experimenting for one particular load out may not be the right one and could need one more attachment to make the rifle much more usable.

Primary Gunfighter could cure the ailments of the Type 25 but it will not be cured entirely. When it comes to the Type-25 it's all down to what type of set up you're aiming for, which is why I will not be recommending a particular build.

As stated, you need to experiment to find the right set up.

Thank you for reading, I hope you've enjoyed and you've learned something useful.

My next weapon guide will be the DSR-50 Sniper Rifle. See you then.

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