Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide:SCAR-H Assault Rifle Guide

Hello everyone, welcome back to another one of my Black Ops 2 weapon guides. Today we will be looking at the monster of the Assault Rifle category.


Weapon History and In-Game History
The SCAR or Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle is made by FN Herstal for the United States Special Operations Commond or SOCOM.

The modular rifle has a little brother known as the SCAR-L, the "light" SCAR is chambered for the 5.56x45mm NATO round while the "heavy" SCAR is chambered for the 7.62x51mm NATO round. Both available in Long Barrel and Close Quarters Combat variants.

The FN SCAR systems completed low rate initial production started testing in June 2007, after several delays the first rifles began to be issued to operational units in April 2009 and a battalion of the US 75th Ranger Regiment was the first large unit deployed with 600 of the FN rifles in 2009.

As of this year the US Special Operations Command has cancelled their purchase of the Mk 16 SCAR-L and is planning to remove the rifle from their inventory by 2013 and plan to purchase the 5.56 conversion kits for the Mk 17 variant of the SCAR.

For COD veterans this isn't the first time we've seen the SCAR and is actually the third appearance. Many of you maybe have all ready played Modern Warfare 2 and saw the SCAR's first appearance in COD as the SCAR-H.
Back then the SCAR was also a monster of the Assault Rifle tier but back then was a laser beam of a rifle, it's iron sights would bounce up but ever so slight, it did have a rather small magazine of 20 rounds but overall was argued as an Over-Powered weapon.

Fast forward two years and we saw the SCAR again but this time we saw it's little brother, the SCAR-L.
This time however the SCAR-L was a standard assault rifle, 30 rounds, clean irons, moderate damage and low recoil. I myself loved the weapon, it was very fun to use and to me was one of the best rifles in game.

Let's fast forward a year to Black Ops 2 and yet again we have the SCAR, the "heavy" variant, how does it hold up to the last two renditions of the weapon.

Weapon Performance
The SCAR-H is  high damage, moderate to high recoil, long ranged, slow firing assault rifle and is unlocked at Level 40. It deals 45 damage up close and 33 at a distance.

The range of the SCAR-H is second to none as far as automatic rifles go for the tier. Up to 42 meters you deal the maximum amount of damage meaning you will be able to kill the opponents in 3 shots and at 75 meters your damage will drop to 33, requiring 4 shots to kill.

However it's recoil is moderately high so you're long ranged accuracy is hampered and will require short controlled bursts. This should not be a huge problem as the fire rate is slow at 625 RPM. Although the recoil is high this is a blessing in disguise, headshots will almost be a given when using this weapon and can become the easiest weapon to use for headshots and distance combat.

Reload speed is moderate at 2.34 seconds if there are still rounds in the mag and 2.95 if the magazine was empty, fast mags can cure the slight sluggish reload.

The iron sights are clean, as they were in previous COD titles.

The SCAR performs well at medium to long range engagement and could mow down opponents easily in close quarters, avoid firing from the hip, the SCAR may be a powerhouse at range but up close and personal it will not perform well.

Statistically it's a borderline LMG, while it doesn't have the large magazine of an LMG nor the slow mobile speed of the LMG.

For our build we will try to maintain the low recoil but keep mobile when facing opponents and will have an able back up for close quarters.

Class  Build
For this class we will need the Primary Gunfighter Wildcard to use the tools we need to maintain recoil and stay on target at range.

Equip the Quickdraw Handle, Foregrip and Adjustable Stock

The Foregrip is commonly believed to not have any effect on the weapons but it actually does have an effect. The Foregrip increases the center speed of the rifle, meaning the weapon will quickly re-center so you're firing center mass.

The Adjustable Stock will allow you to move faster while aiming down the sights, you will be a mobile killing machine with this equipped.

For your Secondary. Equip The Executioner revolver shotgun secondary, equipped with the Laser Sight. After a few buffs and patches The Executioner is usable and is a reliable close quarters weapon. Granted you won't have the Five-Seven or Tac.45 mid range ability, taking out opponents up close in buildings and stairways, such as the dual stairways on the map Express.

For your perks



and Dexterity.

Dexterity is meant for The Executioner, if in mid-sprint you're caught off guard the Executioner will be ready at a moments notice to take out the opponent with powerful buckshot. 

Fasthands will guarantee you can quickly switch between both weapons so that way switching from CQC to long ranged engagements will be a breeze.

Lightweight to increase mobility even with the Adjustable Stock present.

The Verdict

The SCAR-H is an LMG in Assault Rifle clothing. A power house of a rifle that succeeds in mid-range engagements and has remarkable long range performance. 

While to has strong damage and remarkable long range ability it has high recoil and it's fire rate is rather slow which could mean you may loose a fire fight or two.

The SCAR-H is not the SCAR from MW2 or the SCAR from MW3.  This weapon is for the players that want the damage of an LMG but the handling traits of an assault rifle.

Thank you for reading and I hope you've learned something useful, the next weapon guide will be on the KSG Pump-Action Shotgun.

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