Retro Gazette Reviews:Batman Returns SNES Review

Hello everyone. Welcome to another one of my Retro Reviews.

Today we're going to be looking at a personal favorite of mine from the Super Nintendo era.

Batman Returns.

If you can't tell all ready from the intro video above, the music to Batman Returns for the SNES sounds great and does a good job of recreating some of the songs we heard in the film.

My personal favorite stage music is from Stage 7 when you enter Arctic World, The Liberation of Gotham track sounds amazing in 16 bit audio. It's strange to review the music in a video game but the audio stands out so much and does an amazing job, again of recreating the films' soundtrack.

The graphics and detail of Batman Returns is very good and ironically is much more colorful than the Tim Burton film. Gotham City, although currently suffering from a clown riot looks fantastic and Konami yet again does a good job of recreating scenes from the film, you see all these backgrounds and buildings we say in the film recreated magnificently. Although we do see some areas where Batman never was in the film such as one of Gotham's malls but never the less still looks great.

Batman Returns is your run of the mil side scrolling beat 'em up but is still pretty fun. Like Arkham Asylum the combat is repetitive but doesn't get old, it's still a lot of fun smashing clown heads together, throwing them into windows or benches destroying some of the scenery in the process and doing a round house kick for good measure.

In terms of gadgets and special moves Batman Returns doesn't really have a huge list of Bat-Gadgets to use. You're limited to only the bat claw to swing into enemies, bat-a-rangs to stun enemies temporarily and an item known as the  "Test Tube" which takes out every enemy on screen.

The one actual major complaint I have about the game is the special moves system. These moves aren't all that spectacular and really have no purpose other than adding more theatricality to the combat and each special attack will use up some of Batman's energy/health, one special move and that could be two quarters of Batman's health gone, you can find health pick-ups by destroying certain objects in the game, but these objects are scarce, the best thing to do actually would be to avoid performing special moves and just sticking to normal combat.

The boss battles are some of the most challenging boss battles I have ever experienced in a video game. The first two bosses are pretty simple but it's the later boss fights that are insanely difficult.

Catwoman, Penguin and other notable characters seen in the movie are bosses and are ridiculously difficult. You think Call of Duty makes you rage horribly? Try playing this game without dying at a boss battle.

The Verdict
If there's one thing I can say about movie to video game adaptations, Batman games tend to hold it's own more than any other movie game adaptation. There were some Batman movie games that didn't do so well but Batman Returns for the SNES is one those of games that holds its own and does a good job of recreating the movie into a game.

If you want to find a video game based of a movie and feeling in the retro mood then Batman Returns for the SNES is a title that you should not pass up.

The only problems I have with this game is how quick you can beat it (depending on how good you are at beat 'em ups and how well you fare against the bosses) the boss battles and the fact that Batman's special moves cost health to use.

Batman Returns gets a good 3 out of 5

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