Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Weapon Guides: B23R Burst-Fire Handgun Guide

Hello everyone, welcome to another one of my Black Ops 2 weapon guides. Today we're going to be looking at the 3rd available handgun secondary.

The B23R.

Weapon Profile
The B23R is actually the Beretta 93R, the R standing for Raffica which is Italian for "Burst".

The Baretta Model 93R is a selective-fire machine pistol, designed and manufactured by the Italian Beretta company in the 1970s for police and military use, the design was based on their semi-automatic model the Beretta Model 92.

The weapon was designed and intended for Italian counter terrorism forces of Nucleo Operativo Centrale di Sicurezza and Gruppo Di Intervento Speciale but at the same time was adopted by other police and military forces who required a weapon that could be concealed and had rapid fire capabilities.

The weapon was mechanically similar to the Model 92 but instead was capable of a three round burst, it was fitted with a fore-grip(as seen above) to increase weapon stability when firing and was also capable of attaching a steel buttstock to be attached at the handle of the grip. This would grant better control seeing as how the weapon if put into burst mode could fire 1,100 rounds per minute.

Unfortunately during the Gun Control Act of 1968 which stopped the importation of machine guns except guns for sale to government agencies, the weapon is cost prohibitive and is rare to find these days.

For those COD veterans, this is not the first time we've seen the Beretta 93. We first saw this weapon back in Modern Warfare 2  known as the M93 Raffica.
The weapon back then arguably was over-powered due to it's high damage for a secondary at 40 points of damage up close and 30 at range. It had low recoil so almost any opponent at mid to long range would be an easy target.

It's semi-automatic brethren the M9 was as strong up close but lacked long range damage.

Let's see how the new 93R performs in game.

Weapon Performance
The B23R is a high damage, short ranged, moderate recoil weapon and is unlocked at Level 19. The weapon is most commonly seen being used with snipers and shotgun users and the occasional LMG gunner.

The B23R is capable of a 3 shot kill up close, dealing 45 points of damage up close and 19 at a distance. Your maximum 45 points of damage at range will be good up to 10 meters, at 11 up to  20 meters the gun will deal 33 points of damage resulting in a 4 shot kill, at 20 meters you'll deal 24 points of damage requiring 5 shots to kill, after 30 meters you will deal the minimum 19 points of damage requiring 6 shots to kill.

Reload speed is good at 1.62 seconds if the magazine isn't quite empty and 1.8 seconds if the magazine was empty. The reload from time to time might get you caught  defenseless, although the reload speed is good you will need to be behind cover before you continue to take on your opponent.

I say this due to it's magazine size and fire rate. The magazine size is only 2nd to the Five-Seven's size, 15 rounds is your starting mag size and 21 with extended clip. It's fire rate is high at 1,250 RPM. This translates to a quick depletion of your magazine and constant reloading of the weapon, you could attach fast mags to speed up the reload time or extended clip to reduce the amount of times you actually need to reload but the reload time is good enough that these attachments will give you minor advantages.

The recoil is moderate but not so high that the recoil is not controllable, the recoil can be controlled quite easily due to the clean iron sights.
In my experience, the B23 is useful at close to long range, medium range engagements were a slight challenge but with a tamed trigger finger and precision I could take out opponents quickly at a distance.

This build will be centered around using the B23 as a secondary for any primary.

Sniper Build
Any sniper will suit well with the B23 and will be an able back up for opponents who may come into your position or may be in your line of sight when trying to move to a new position.

For your B23R, equip the Long Barrel and Laser Sight for a weapon that can take on opponents easily at close range and will give you ranged advantage for any opponents you may come across in your move to a better post.

For your perk set up you will need the Perk 2 Greed Wildcard


Cold Blooded and Fast Hands

with Dexterity

Will allow you to be mobile, unable to be spotted at range since the name above your head will be gone and you'll be able to switch between your rifle and handgun quickly, while being prepared quickly to take on an opponent who surprises you.

LMG Build
If using an LMG equip the B23R with a Laser Sight. Medium and Long range combat will not be a problem due to the LMG, but close quarter combat will be difficult due to  the poor hip-fire performance of LMGs.

Perk 2 Greed should be in this class also.

Flak Jacket for the LMG

Toughness for the LMG and Fast Hands for the B23R

Dexterity will be used for both.

Shotgun Build 
The B23R will suit any shotgun as well

This time you will need Perk 1 and Perk 2 Greed.

Lightweight and Ghost

Fast Hands and Scavenger

with Dexterity

Equip the B23R with the Long Barrel to round out the mid-range engagements.

I couldn't find a good set up with the SMGs or ARs where the B23R was just as useful as it was for the other weapon tier builds. The B23R was almost useless for the SMGs seeing as they can perform for close and mid-range engagements.

The B23R just didn't seem to fit well to any AR I used.

The Verdict
The B23R is a reliable secondary and is almost a primary with it's mid-range and moderate long range ability.

Rapid fire and high damage is the B23's strong suit and is most useful on Sniper Rifles, LMGs and Shotguns. For SMGs and Assault Rifles the B23 doesn't exactly fit well to any of the weapons but you could get away with using it if you wanted to.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed and it has helped.

Tomorrow's weapon guide will be on the Type-25.

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