Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Weapon Guides: MP7 Sub-Machine Gun Weapon Guide

Hello everybody, welcome to another one of my Black Ops 2 Weapon Guides.

Today we will be going over the first unlocked SMG of the Sub-machine gun tier in Black Ops 2.

The MP7.

Weapon Profile
The Heckler & Koch MP7 originates from Germany. It first started production in 2001 and is still in production today.

A German Personal Defense Weapon that is chambered to fire the HK 4.6 x30mm cartridge, it was designed with the new cartridge in order to meet NATO requirments published in 1989, the requirements published called for a PDW class firearm with a greater ability to penetrate body armor. The weapon is considered to be a rival to FN Herstal's FN P90 PDW.

The cartridge used, is designed with a hardened steel penetrating design instead of soft copper or lead designs.

Black Ops 2 marks the 2nd appearance of the MP7, most CoD veterans will recognize the MP7 from Modern Warfare 3. However the MP7 in Modern Warfare 3 was considered an over-powered weapon.
Dealing 35 points of damage with a fire rate of 895 RPM and extremely low recoil. The MP7 was the ACR of the Sub-Machine Gun tier, a majority of the community would equip the MP7 with the Silencer which would make it a silent deadly laser beam, much like the ACR 6.8 from the Assault Rifle tier in Modern Warfare 3.

Now heading into Black Ops 2, forget those nightmares of a silenced OP MP7, OP is no longer an issue. This MP7 is much different from the MP7 in Modern Warfare 3.

Weapon Performance
In game. The MP7 is a mid-damage, mid-ranged  Sub-Machine gun. The MP7 fires at 937 RPM and deals 33 damage up close and 18 at a distance, this translates to a 4 shot kill up close and 6 at range.

Your range is decent but isn't great. Your 4 shot kill range will be good until 16 meters, anything further is a 5-6 shot kill.

The recoil of the MP7 is in the middle. It's not extremely high but is not low enough to be considered a weapon with laser beam accuracy, you can control it as long as you're not holding down the trigger as if the MP7 was an LMG.

Magazine size is slightly higher than most SMGs in the SMG tier, your starting mag size is capped at 40 rounds, you can easily take out multiple opponents without Extended Mags.

The reload speed of the MP7 is average for an SMG at 1.72 seconds if the magazine still had a couple of rounds and 2.4 seconds if the magazine was completely empty.

The iron sights are also a great characteristic of the MP7. To some the irons may seem very strange but to me, these are the sharpest iron sights I have seen in Black Ops 2. There is no need for an optical attachment.
In my experience I've found the MP7 to be a very reliable Close Quarters, Mid-range weapon. It's almost like a secondary but classified as a primary weapon, I found bringing in a secondary to be a waste.

I did try experimenting with a long range weapon such as the Crossbow and it didn't suit the MP7 well.

 I've noticed a lot of people using the MP7 with the Silencer and Rapid Fire. For those of you who don't know, the Rapid Fire attachment not only increases your fire rate and recoil but it also decreases your range.

If you combine both attachments you will only be able to kill opponents in CQC and that is something you do not want to restrict yourself to.

This class build will give you ranged advantage, increased accuracy on target, be able to quickly run into an enemy strong hold, hit hard and come out alive.

Class Build
You will need the Perk 3 Greed and Primary Gunfighter Wildcards for this class.

Equip the MP7 with Quickdraw, Long Barrel and the Fore Grip attachment.

You will able to quickly lock onto target and be able to take out opponents quicker at long range without having the recoil affect your aim as much as it normally would without the attachment.

For your perks.



Dexterity with Tactical Mask

You will move fast through the map without worrying about your character flinching crazy while being hit with oncoming fire, the MP7 will be ready to fire from the hip and be ready to aim down the sights quicker with Dexterity and Tactical Mask will protect you from Shock Charges, Concussion, Flash Bang and EMP Grenades from your opponents.

You don't want anything to affect your aim or sight on your target, if you so much as flinch once or loose sight on your target you could potentially empty your entire magazine without hitting your opponent and if your opponent has at least one piece of equipment that can stun you, you've lost the fight.

The Verdict
The MP7 is a solid SMG. It has a much more solid performance than any other SMG, true the PDW does have more power but with it's increased recoil and low fire rate the PDW is arguably much weaker than the MP7.

It can take on opponents easily at close quarters and has a healthy mid range performance.

If no other SMG is working for you than the MP7 could be that SMG that will work for you.

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