Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Weapon Guides:KSG Pump-Action Shotgun Guide

Hello everyone. Today we are going to be looking at another unique weapon of the Black Ops 2 weapon armory.

The Kel-Tec KSG.

Weapon History

The Kel-Tec KSG is a bullpup 12 gauge pump action shotgun, designed of course by Kel-Tec which operates in Cocoa, Florida.

The shotgun was designed with two tube magazines in which then the user of the weapon can switch manually between two types of shot. Each tube holds a total of seven 2.75(70 mm) 12 gauge shells or six 3 in (76 mm ) shells.

The KSG is a manually operated pump action shotgun and switching between either tube for a specific type of ammunition is done by switching a three-position lever, located behind it's pistol grip.

Tubes are filled by two open loading and ejection ports, located at the bottom of the gun or the stock of the weapon, located at the upper rear part of the pistol grip.

The KSG design was inspired by the South African Neostead 2000 combat shotgun.

Like the SCAR in my previous guide, this isn't the first time we saw the KSG in a Call of Duty title, most COD vets. or fans of the series saw the shotgun back in Modern Warfare 3.
The KSG back in MW3 was also a pump-action shotgun and fired 8 pellets per shot, however seeing as how botched up the design for the shotguns were in MW3 the shotgun although powerful was not accurate and would probably result in your death even in close quarters when aiming down the sight or hip firing.

Fast Forward yet again to Black Ops 2 and the KSG has returned but this time as the most accurate shotgun due to the round fired.

Weapon Performance
In game the KSG is a high damage, low recoil, mid-ranged shotgun and is unlocked at Level 34.

The KSG fires one solid metal slug round instead of the usual buck-shot seen on the R-870, S12 and M216 shotgun.

The slug deals 200 damage up close and 75 at a distance. Up to a range of 11 meters you will be able to kill your opponent in one shot and up to 30 meters you will be able to kill your opponent in 2 shots. This is a slight challenge but is made easy as the slug round travels in a straight line, there's no recoil to the weapon so you could follow up with an accurate shot and take down to your opponent.

Imagine the walk ways on the map Express, at the end of the walk way with the long barrel attachment you have the potential to kill your opponent in just 2 shots from the KSG. That is a stellar advantage over the other shotguns, but however the KSG is not a laser beam, true the slug travels into a straight line but you can not quick-shot with the KSG. Meaning that the instant you are fully aiming down the sights you can not fire the KSG and get a kill, you need to wait at least .3 seconds then fire and kill your opponent.

If you attempt to quick-shot with the KSG the slug will miss your opponent and travel into the mysterious COD black hole in which pellets and slugs both vanish into without ever being seen again.

Rate of Fire is rather slow at 77 RPM. The follow up shots can be made quickly but as stated earlier you don't want to fire the weapon immediately as you aim down the sights.

Reloading is varied depending on how many shots you fired before reloading. Each new shell goes into the chamber in 0.62 seconds, if you somehow manage to empty the entire chamber your total reload time is 8.68 seconds.

You have 14 shells in the chamber and 20 with extended mag, for a shotgun this is a mighty generous starting supply and if used correctly you could take out multiple opponents without worrying about supply. Scavenger could be used for lethal equipment and secondary but for the KSG itself isn't needed.

The iron sights for the KSG however are pretty clean and don't obstruct much of your view(also they are the exact same design from MW3 except for the diamond in the back of the post)

On this guide however since the KSG is a weapon that takes mastering and isn't an easy pick up and win weapon I'll be going over each attachment.

Reflex Sight
The Reflex Sight is unlocked when you raised the weapon Level to 2. The iron sights on the KSG are decent enough but the Reflex Sight will ensure you're always on target.

Long Barrel
You MUST use the Long Barrel on the KSG. It increases your one shot killing potential up to 31 meters and could become that cross the map one shot shotgun that everyone will hate.

Fast Mag(should be Fast Chamber)
Fast Mag will allow you to reload more slugs into the chambers of the KSG, visually when reloading you will see 2 slug rounds being loaded simultaneously. Which is strange because you will only see one chamber instead of the designed 2. Even if you go into theater mode and check behind the KSG pistol grip you'll see the dual chambers.

Laser Sight
The KSG does not fire pellets so do not use the Laser Sight expecting to fire in a straight line from the hip, the pellet will go into the COD black hole and will not hit your target, even if the connection is good. Avoid the Laser Sight

Adjustable Stock
I'm torn on this attachment, on the one hand you're capable of moving faster when aiming down the sights but use up an attachment slot point. You all ready move pretty fast when aiming down the sight so the Stock will not be as much of a benefit as you would think.

I've heard the community prefer the Silenced KSG instead of going loud with the weapon, some believe that it makes the KSG more accurate and easier to use. This is not the case, it's the same performance as you were running it loud but loose range. If anything the Silencer is an attachment that eliminates the purpose of the KSG.

Extended Clip
Extended Clip as said earlier increases the amount of rounds in the chamber of the KSG. 20 rounds will grant you more shots before ever needing to reload. Howeve Extended Clip actually has a negative effect, a minimal effect at best. Your reload speed is increased by 10% you may now be looking at 0.71 seconds per shell to reload.

Quickdraw Handle
The Quickdraw Handle will allow you to be on target faster and will give you a slight advantage over your opponent, you will still have to wait .2 seconds to make sure your shot counts and defeat your opponent.

Mili-Meter Scanner
I do see the advantage of using the MMS but honestly the MMS doesn't suit a shotgun, the fact that it's being used on the KSG doesn't change anything, the MMS will identify idle targets but you won't be able to doing anything 90% of the time, considering the KSG doesn't penetrate walls.

So with all of the attachments done it's for your class you should build around the KSG.

For this build you will need the Primary Gunfighter Wildcard.

Quickdraw, paired with the Long Barrel and Reflex sight will make sure you're accurate and can take down opponents at range. The laser beam like accuracy paired with the precision of the red dot sight will benefit you greatly and will result with you winning more fights at mid range than the R-870.

For your secondary the KAP-40 with the Laser Sight will close out the some what lack of CQC ability that the KSG does not have.

For your perks.


Fast Hands

and Extreme Conditioning

Will keep you off radar and mobile through the map. Being able to switch quickly between the KAP and KSG will be very useful in situation where the KSG will not do well in extreme CQC.

The Verdict
The KSG is a unique weapon but is difficult to master. It excels in mid range engagements and has high accuracy for a shotgun due to the solid metal slug round.

You can not run and gun with it as much as you were able to the the R-870 but where as the R-870's pellet spread could mean your loss of the fire fight, the KSG if on target and after waiting for .3 seconds will result in your instant victory.

It will be a tough road ahead but reaching the end of it will be very satisfying.

For now the weapon guides I will put on hold, I'm currently getting other weapons ready for a guide and it may be some time, not that long of a wait but it may take a few days until a new one arrives.

Until then I will review a few more games and will return to the weapon guides.

Thank you for reading and I hope you've learned something useful.

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