Retro Reviews:Super Castlevania IV

Hello everybody, welcome to my first review of my new page RetroGazette.

We're going back all the way back to the time of the SNES, 1991 with a classic series most of you may know or remember.

Super Castlevania IV

The side-scrolling whip crazy plat-former, many Nintendo faithful from the time of the Super Nintendo might remember this classic gem in gaming or many of you might of played it through the virtual console on the Nintendo Wii.

For those of you who read my modern game reviews these reviews will be relatively smaller, most of these games back in the SNES era were simple, short but fun. Now in today's gaming market a lot of gamers want games that is packed with hours of gameplay, story, graphics and replay-ability. These games were not like that.

It was a Friday night, you bought a new game for the SNES after you got your allowance and played the game all weekend next week you talked to your friends about it and kept playing it over and over again.

Let's begin.



Castlevania IV with it's 16-Bit presentation(don't ask me what a Bit is) was stunning for it's time. With all the color and details put into the world around you and Simon himself, was stunning and you would be either awed or terrified of the surrounding area.

From ancient ruins, treasure rooms and ghastly dungeons with skeletons hanging from the wall Castlevania IV will immerse you into the world around you.

The game play is very smooth and is easy to control.

That's the aspect of Castlevania IV which makes the game really good, the control.

You feel like you are playing as Simon Belmont and you're really using his whip Vampire Killer, during the NES era Castlevania was stale in control and movement, here it is perfected. Jumping, whipping, throwing the special weapons to the enemies is easy.

You can even control which direction Simon uses the whip, side ways, up, down, up to the right in a diagonal direction, in a circle. You can attack everything around you with a simple push of any two direction buttons on the D-pad.

In Castlevania IV you find an assortment of special weapons, a Knife, Axe, Combat Cross, Holy Water and a watch that stops time. These items will give you an advantage in either taking enemies out at range, above you or up close, the Stop Watch is somewhere in between as you'll have the opportunity to kill the monsters in front of you without any opposition.

However this leads to the one negative aspect of Castlevania IV. The items are somewhat useless as the whip is made more useful at any direction and up close, you could defeat a boss using only the whip, no matter what special weapon you have the boss you face could be beaten only with the whip.

Items are simplified to personal choice rather than what they used to be in the original Castlevania, an item that will grant you a better advantage in the fight. Here the whip could replace said weapon almost in any direction the enemy is coming from.

The Verdict

Super Castlevania IV is the side scrolling plat-former that is a must own for fans of the Super Nintendo and side-scroller games in general.

A game that plays smooth, looks fantastic and is simple fun.

I give Super Castlevania IV a 4 out of 5

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