Bioshock Infinite Review

In 2007 the gaming community around the globe was introduced to Bioshock. An FPS shooter that was designed to not be your usual cookie cut FPS game and it delivered.

With an astonishing atmosphere and design with new approaches to FPS combat and fantastic story telling, Bioshock would later be considered the best FPS game ever designed.

In 2010 a trailer was released showing the world that a new Bioshock was coming.
After many years of silence and no information of what was to become of Infinite, this past Tuesday was the official release of Infinite and the response has been great. Reviewers across the nation praise this game for finally breathing new life into what has been a bland and repetitive genre.

Fellow gamers and fans of Bioshock alike. This is the game that is for everybody to experience.


Set in 1912 at the early turn of the century, you play as Booker DeWitt a war veteran who has been hired to find a girl named Elizabeth to wipe away the debt. During your mission you discover the floating city of Columbia, a utopia for the patriotic American designed and built for a man named Zachary Comstock.

The story will lead you through the mysteries surrounding how Columbia has been kept a secret from the world and who Booker is and why Elizabeth is so important to Booker's employers.

Many Bioshock fans know that there was a huge twist at the end of the first Bioshock that you didn't know was coming, in Infinite however you're expecting one but not knowing what it could possibly be, you'll be looking for it but when it comes full circle, the twist will leave you with your jaw open.

That's as far as I will go with the story.

Bioshock Infinite is gorgeous, Columbia is by far the most gorgeous and stunning world you will see this generation. It looks even better than Rapture and pushes the boundaries of what can be done in an FPS game.

Columbia is almost like exploring a beautiful political theme park. You'll find Barbershop Quartets singing to people, listening to the locals talk about what happened to who or what they did the other day with their time.

Columbia will mystify and amaze you with just how beautiful it is.

Another great aspect of the game. Infinite although does have similar elements to the play style of the first Bioshock the combat will quickly change and turn into combat that gives you choices, you may run in guns blazing but I will jump to a sky line and snipe the enemies while I use my Possession vigor to take over a turret to help me out with a few enemies.

While I'll choose to jump on the Skylines you may choose to use your Bucking Bronco Vigor to take on the enemies with your machine gun to shoot your opponents thrown in the air while using your Devil's Kiss Vigor to set the ground enemies on fire. The combat is smooth and is much more exciting and epic than previous Bioshock entries. I never found the combat stale or clunky and would always be excited to come into a new fight to see what I could do to win the fight.

You won't be able to switch to your Vigors like you would Plasmids in the original Bioshock for anyone using consoles but you can switch between Vigors quickly and easily unlike the original, for PC users this will not be a problem.

Another thing I find as a slight annoyance  about the game is now you can no longer find new weapons and keep them permanently for later levels, this does add challenge to the game though and this challenge is good because it forces players to use all sorts of new weapons you will find, so that way when you're in a later level and limited to a few weapons you'll be able to use them easily.

Like in Bioshock you would find Audio Diaries recorded by the citizens of Rapture. Here they're now called Voxophones, along side the Voxophones are Kinetiscopes, short film booths hidden throughout Columbia which inform you of what is going on in Columbia and what has happened in Columbia's past.

In the game if you're ever lost, by one simple press of the button you the game will shine an arrow pointing you in the right direction like the navigation light in Dead Space. I didn't use it like that, I used it as a tool to tell me where not to go yet so I could explore every nook and cranny in Columbia to find money, ammo and secrets.

Some of you are wondering "What about Elizabeth's AI, what does she do?"

Elizabeth as an AI is the most helpful and most human like AI I've ever seen in a video game. Elizabeth does not get in the way of the combat, she doesn't get lost in the area, she doesn't get stuck in one area she will always be with you, finding med-kits, salts, ammo, new guns and cash for you. By one simple press of a button Elizabeth will throw these to you and it won't make you vulnerable to the enemy.

The Verdict
A magnificent story, gorgeous stunning atmosphere, a combat system with free choice, smooth play and what many all ready consider the game of the generation.

Bioshock Infinite is a game that does everything right. The story, the graphics and the gameplay, each aspect of the game is done well and doesn't mess up in any part of the game.

It's the perfect game.

Bioshock Infinite gets it's well deserved 10 out of 10

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