Series Review: Metroid Prime 3:Corruption Review

Hello fellow Nintendo fans. Let's go back a few years during the launch of the Nintendo Wii, we saw there was a new Mario game, a new Legend of Zelda game but we also saw a new Metroid game, and to me this is the best of the series.

Metroid Prime 3:Corruption

Being able to play as the famous galactic bounty hunter with motion control on the new Nintendo console? How could it get better than that?

The game is really good.

Six months after the events of Metroid Prime 2, Samus continues to aid the Galactic Federation during the continuing fight against the Space Pirates . After destroying the Space Pirate operation on Tallon IV and on Aether, the desperate Space Pirates turned to Dark Samus for help, Dark Samus strengthens the Space Pirate forces but slowly indoctrinated them into mindless servants.

The Space Pirates and Dark Samus now seek to corrupt the universe with Phazon by attacking the Galactic Federation Planets  to make sure the Galactic Federation can not fight the forces of the Space Pirates and Dark Samus.

The Galactic Federation not only calls in Samus to help but also other bounty hunters to help in the mission to stop the Pirates and stop the Phazon spread.

After Dark Samus' attack on the planet Norion, Samus and the hunters are corrupted with a unique type of Phazon Dark Samus attacked them with. The Phazon is growing within and is slowly turning the hunters and Samus into a corrupted form of themselves and  serve Dark Samus.

After a month of the attack Samus wakes up from her mild coma equipped with a PED(Phazon Enhanced Device) in order to use the Phazon in her body as a weapon and also to defeat the Leviathan meteors that are corrupting the Federation planets. However when she was in the coma the other hunters woke up from their sleep and were sent to the Federation planets to destroy the Leviathan seeds to rid the planets of corruption, unfortunately the Federation hasn't heard from them and fear the worst.

Samus must now go to these planets to destroy the seeds and find out what happened to the other hunters before  Dark Samus and the Pirates corrupt the universe.

(Or save the world if you prefer to put it that way)


Metroid Prime 3 looks fantastic and is sweet sweet eye candy for you. There are certain areas in the game that has less detail than most areas but by far Metroid Prime 3 is the biggest Metroid Prime game with a great attention to detail.

Frame rate never drops or cuts and runs smoothly throughout the entire playthrough.


Metroid Prime 3 plays very smoothly and the gameplay is enhanced with the Wii motion controls. Aiming with the Wii-mote and moving with the Nunchuck controls are never clunky and easy to learn.

Metroid Prime 3 game wise is still a Metroid game but bigger. The world areas are at some points split into 3 parts allowing you to explore new and unknown areas  with power ups to reward your curiosity. You can even now go into Samus's ship and interact with the different controls in the cockpit, however you can't actually fly the ship.

You still can enemies to learn more about them and scan lore to understand what happened to the planet either during the time of the Leviathan seed crashing into the planet or before the Leviathan seed arrived. However there is a new twist for scanning and even killing enemies in certain ways.

Metroid Prime 3 has an Achievement system, depending on what action you did you will get a different color design of the Metroid logo. Either by scanning an enemy or completing a challenge.

These different colored Metroid logo achievements can be used to unlock extra content in the game, such as concept art and special extras such as bumper stickers of games you've played on the Wii which can be seen on Samus's ship.

Another thing that is given a twist is now the suit upgrades such as the Grapple Beam and Morphball can be upgraded to not only be useful in solving puzzles across the different planets you explore but can be used in combat, the Grapple Beam for instance can be used to take away an enemy's shield he's holding or even absorb health from your opponents or over-load an enemy with your own energy to defeat them.

This really gives suit upgrades in MP3:C a much greater function than simply picking them up to go into a new area.

With the new motion controls and suit upgrades this allows players to actually interact with the environments to solve puzzles or to find new areas to explore, really immersing you into the world making you feel that you're actually playing as Samus Aran.

The Verdict

Metroid Prime 3 Corruption is a must own for Nintendo fans and Metroid fans alike. This game is not as slow as Metroid Prime 1, not as repetitive as Metroid Prime 2 and instead has a smooth brisk pace in the gameplay which keeps you engaged and wanting to proceed through the game.

With a fantastic graphical presentation and smooth gameplay there's really no reason to not buy this game.

Metroid Prime 3:Corruption gets a 9 out of 10

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