Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Weapon Guides: FN FAL OSW Semi-Auto. Rifle Guide.

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Today we will be going over the  "Right Arm of the Free World"


Weapon Profile
The FN FAL or Fusial Automatique Leger, which stands for "Light Automatic Rifle" is a self-loading, selective fire battle rifle. Produced by Fabrique Nationale De Herstal or FN Herstal during the Cold War in 1953, the rifle is one of the most widely used rifles in history, it has been used by over 90 countries and is still in production today.

It was nicknamed "The Right Arm of the Free World" assumingly due to it's strength and use to fight against communist nations.

This is not the first time we've seen the FAL in a Call of Duty game. We first saw the weapon in MW2, simply known as the FAL.
and again in Black Ops 1 as the FN FAL

Both were very powerful and arguably the most powerful in the class, however the FAL from Black Ops 1 had a design flaw which made it almost obsolete comparing to the other assault rifles.

The first shot of the FN FAL in Black Ops 1 would not hit the target in the first few seconds of aiming down the sight, players would need to wait 0.9 seconds to actually hit their opponents. If this was not done, the FN FAL would not get hit markers and every other follow up shot would be as such, the bullets would somehow disappear once leaving the barrel.

This problem is no longer present in Black Ops 2 and the FAL OSW is probably one of the most versatile assault rifles in game.

Weapon Performance
The FAL OSW is a high damage, low recoil, long range semi-automatic assault rifle, unlocked at Level 22 as part of your prestige.

The FAL will deal 55 points of damage up close and 40 at a distance. This translates to a 2 shot kill up close and 3 at a distance, it has the fastest time to kill of any assault rifle, the only other rifle that can compete with fast kill time is the SMR.

Magazine size is slightly smaller than most assault rifles at 25 rounds, Extended Clip will increase the size to 34. It's reload time is average for an assault rifle at 2.09 seconds if there are still rounds in the magazine and 2.7 seconds if the magazine is completely empty.

Fire rate is slow at 625 RPM in semi-auto firing mode and 468 RPM if you use Select Fire to have a fully automatic FAL. If firing semi-automatic the recoil will not present to be a challenge even with the fastest of trigger fingers, it will slightly raise up but very lightly to the point where it doesn't exist.

Your range is good but the 2 shot kill range is very short but your 3 shot kill range is really strong.

Up to 15 meters the FAL will be a 2 shot kill weapon, from 16-55 meters and onward the FAL will be a 3 shot kill weapon. Much like the SWAT the FAL is a miniature sniper rifle but where the SWAT failed in Close Quarter Combat the FAL shines in CQC, Mid-Range and Long-Range engagements.

A common sight before the recent patch was that many players would equip the Select Fire attachment to have a fully automatic FAL that had zero recoil and dominate long range engagement. Post-Patch a fully automatic FAL will have a much slower fire rate, more recoil and less range.

You will find it to your benefit to master a good trigger finger so that way you turn the FAL into an automatic simply with the use of your trigger finger, although you may get some angry messages from COD players accusing you of having a modded controller.

The iron sights on the FAL however although obtrusive are usable.
If it wasn't for the smaller ghost ring the FAL's irons would be really good, if you want you could put an optic attachment of your choice.

In my experience with the FAL I found it be a very strong weapon at any range. Up close and out to a distance where a sniper rifle would be very useful the FAL would still take down any opponent easy, a few shots and the opponent would be dead in an instant.

Hip-firing however with the FAL is suicide. I would get the occasional hip-fire kill but it would be a lost cause, even with the Laser Sight attachment the FAL would still not perform good hip-firing.

To compliment the FAL's strength we will build a class to be strong and firm class against the opposition.

Class Build
Equip the FAL with the Quickdraw Handle and Reflex Sight.

The Quickdraw is a must have attachment for the FAL and the Reflex Sight will ensure maximum accuracy in any combat situation. My personal preference on the Reflex Sight was the Peak reticle to use the tip of the reticle as aid to get headshots.

For your secondary, equip the Executioner with the Long Barrel. The Executioner is a powerful secondary and will be used to clear out small rooms and corridors, the FAL is good at CQC but not good in clearing out small corridors such as the stair ways leading to the walk ways above the train on the map Express.

For your perks.

Flak Jacket


and Tactical Mask

Will keep you protected against explosives, incoming fire from your opponents and tactical equipment thrown at you.

You will be going to many elevated sniping positions with the FAL so in case a sniper is all ready trenched you can run in with no worries and disturb the next with the Executioner and proceed to snipe the enemy team with your FAL.

You will become a very strong and rock like advisarie to your opponents, being able to stand firm against everything thrown at you and being able to clear long sight lines and rooms with your powerful rifle and demolishing secondary.

The Verdict
The FAL is a powerful weapon, capable of a quick and easy kill at any range. Low recoil and outstanding accuracy is what you will have when using the FAL.

No weapon can kill as fast as the FAL at any range and is not as versatile.

For those searching for a weapon with sniper like range and a weapon that is strong at any range, the FAL is for you.

Join me next time when I will be covering the SMR and The Top 5 Protagonists in gaming.

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