Wolfenstein: The New Order Review

In most cases an FPS game has a story merely glued into the game to give a hint of reason as to why the heroes and villains of the story are acting the way they are. What they believe in and what they despise, however, most FPS games are not like Wolfenstein.

Wolfenstein: The New Order takes players through an alternate time in history where the Nazis won World War II. The United States has been left scarred through atomic bombs and the world is now controlled by the Nazis.

With gameplay that is designed for both new FPS players and experienced FPS players.


I played Wolfenstein on the Playstation 4 and to be quite honest, it's not really that impressive. Interesting, but not impressive.

It did look good, weapons looked sleek and had detail with things like the rail for other attachments or the body of certain weapons like the Marksman rifle and Assault Rifles.

Ultimately though, I felt that this world was kind of bland, in most cases.

Certain things did blow me away like the Moon missions and Deathshead's compound at the end.

Decent at best, don't think it really goes all out with the presentation.


Wolfenstein:The New Order blends old school FPS gameplay with modern FPS design.

Allowing players to take a stealth approach to combat or an all out guns blazing play style. Neither trumps the other and neither playstyle is going to win every battle all the time.

The game has a few perk trees that suit certain playstyle throughout the rest of the game. If you do some stealth challenges you'll unlock perks like increased damage of the silenced handgun, increasing movement speed when crouching and increased storage of throwing knives.

If you perform certain assault challenges aka blasting your way through Nazi after Nazi whilst dual wielding machine gun challenges. You'll get things like increased sprint-speed while sprinting, increased ammunition storage for dual wielding etc.

The game does a really good job of  blending both stealth and the blast through everything playstyle really well. If I felt like going stealthy, the game would be just as satisfying and fun if I were to go loud and take on as many enemies as they threw at me. It was my call to make what the best approach was and either call would result in a very satisfying result.

The old FPS gameplay shines when you're doing nothing but just mowing down through enemies. One after another falling down from using your classic Doom/Wolfenstein assortment of a melee weapon, handgun, machine gun, shotgun and a special weapon.

I was reminded of Doom 3 when playing this where if I were to take an alternate route or take some time out of the mission to go explore another area I would find hidden items and secrets. It is like old FPS games especially considering how back in the days of Wolfenstein and Doom these games did not have multiplayer.

There is no online multiplayer or offline multiplayer. It's a single player experience through and through.

Collectibles like famous 1960 songs sung in German. Even things like Health Upgrades and Armor upgrades that you would collect in Doom and Wolfenstein alike.

Another aspect of the game that is done well is replayability. Most games today do not exactly have a great deal of replayability, for whatever reason there's just not a lot of reasons for you or anyone to replay a certain games.

The New Order returns to that original desire of replayability with things like higher difficulties and an alternate timeline to access if you choose to save one particular character over the other.

The difficulties are pretty well balanced that can satisfy both newcomers to the FPS genre or those new to the old school like difficulty of past First Person Shooters.

Whether you're a rookie of the FPS genre or a veteran of games like Doom and Wolfenstein. This game is made for you.

The Verdict

Wolfenstein: The New Order is a fine new addition to the FPS genre.

There isn't an FPS like it on the market right now and it does well to stand on its own.

It truly is a hybrid of old school FPS gameplay and modern FPS and stealth gameplay.

With content and reason for you to keep coming back to the game over and over again.

Wolfenstein: The New Orders gets a good 8 out of 10

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