Battlefield 4 Weapon Guides: ACE 23 Assault Rifle

This is one of those guns that you just cannot put down.

Even though there may be a bajillion other guns to use in the game, you just cannot stop using this gun in particular.

This is the ACE 23 assault rifle in Battlefield 4.


The assault rifle member of the ACE family of rifles in Battlefield 4, the ACE 23 is unlocked when you complete the assignment "Assault Expert."

The requirements of the challenge is as follows: 50 Medkit Ribbons, 200 kills with any assault rifle and you must earn 10 Assault Rifle Ribbons.

Stats wise the ACE 23 is on par most assault rifles in certain aspects; the damage for instance.

 Eighteen damage minimum at a distance and 25 maximum up close. Damage drop-off begins at 8 meters and completely falls down to the minimum 18 past 55 meters.

Rate of fire is relatively fast at 770 RPM with the muzzle velocity clocked in at 620 metre  per second without a silencer equipped and 330 metre per second with a silencer equipped(DON'T USE THE SILENCER!).

Magazine size is an assault rifle standard of 30 rounds in the mag +1 in the chamber. When it comes to the reload speed you may want to find a spot to take cover until you can complete the reload.

The reload speed is clocked in at 2.1 seconds with rounds still left in the magazine and 3.1 seconds when you empty the mag.

The recoil is measured at a value of 0.36 up, 0.15 to the left and 0.25 to the right.

Translation: Only one direction: Up

Oh and the iron sights(as you can see from the clip) are not exactly what you would call good. I like to call these irons the "Trident Irons." Look at the front post of the iron sight.

Experience and Recommendations

The ACE is almost perfect. It has the fire rate, good reload speed and range, but what it lacks is low recoil.

The reload is also nothing to be bragging home about. Seeing as how the fire rate is rather fast and the reload speed does not have the same luxury of being fast like the fire rate. You'll be caught in the middle of a fire fight with your pants down.

We don't have a way to improve the reload but we can use attachments to fix the recoil and get rid of those awful iron sights.

For the optic attachment, go with the Coyote Red Dot Sight. You could use any other RDS as well but you honestly don't really need to switch out the RDS that you get early on in the ACE 23's unlocks.

For your Accessory, any laser sight will do just fine for those surprise close quarter engagements.

For your Barrel, Either the Muzzle Brake ,Compensator or nothing at all. Both of these attachments have their own benefits that you may find useful or non-useful. It ultimately comes down to your preference of attachment. I've gotten a lot of good matches with all three options.

For your Underbarrel attachment, either the Stubby Grip or Folding Grip will do wonders to tame that sky high recoil. The Folding Grip will be a little bit harder to unlock as it is a Battlepack item you unlock after a 100 or more kills and it is a completely random attachment to unlock. If you do get enough kills and you unlock the Folding Grip, get that attached right away.

At the end of your customization process your weapon should look something like this.

The Verdict

The ACE 23 requires some grinding to unlock but once you do it makes all that time you spent healing people and shooting people worth it.

You will be finding yourself taking a shine to the ACE 23 due to the fact that compared to most Assault Rifles the ACE has the faster firing rate(only the FAMAS and AEK-971 beat the ACE 23 in fire rate).

It has some problems with recoil and reload but ultimately it's a gun that will get the job done when in the right hands.

That's it for this weapon guide.

Next time I'll be reviewing the MK 11 MOD 0 DMR.

Thanks for reading.

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