Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel Review

I haven't been a huge fan of Army of Two but I have played the first and second game.

Liked it, but it wasn't something that I would jump up and go buy.

The Devil's Cartel is the third entry into the Army of Two series and it introduces us to two new characters of the TWO organization. Alpha and Bravo.

What then results is a good co-op experience but nothing groundbreaking.


The graphics to Army of Two are decent at best. It's not anything that stands out or amazes you in how the game looks. Even the weapons have this rather bland design to them. You have an extensive list of camos to choose from but nothing that will really make your gun pop out.

The character facial animations and designs are rather ugly and sometimes don't look right. It seems very sloppily designed.

Oh and the color pallet is nothing to be excited about either.

Brown.....brown everywhere......


Thankfully the gameplay makes up for the lackluster graphics.

It's the same co-op action you liked and experienced in the previous titles but with a slight twist.

Now players  have the ability 'Overkill' which is a temporary invincibility and damage boost ability. Players can charge up the overkill meter by killing enemies and healing partners.

It does sound like any difficulty could be easily overcame by overkill but it takes awhile to charge up after one use.

Strangely though, Devil's Cartel does not have a back to back shooting event like in previous titles, which is weird considering that was what made the series unique in it's co-op experience.

Gun customization is there and you do come across familiar attachments and mods, some unique and limited to certain weapons but you can truly make your own weapon unique to your playstyle and what you would want in a gun.

There's not a huge variety of weapons in some categories but there are some that are really fun to use.

When it comes to the gameplay it's very repetitive. You'll be coming across the same enemies over and over but with some variations such as weapons and armor. There are really only three types of enemies. One: Foot soldiers, Two: Brutes and Third: Elites. Which even then the elites are just foot soldiers with some fancy equipment.

In terms of game length you're looking at 10 hours or more of the campaign.

Unlike 40th Day which I think was only about 5 hours or so. Devil's Cartel does give you a lot of game time.

I also recommend you get a friend to play this game with you. This is a game meant to be played with two players not just one.

The Verdict

Devil's Cartel is a good game with bland textures and good game length for a lot of good co-op action.

The game does have some rather lackluster elements in the game but at it's core it's good co-op gameplay.

If you're looking to pass the time this summer with a friend. Devil's Cartel will be a good game to do just that.

Army of Two: Devil's Cartel gets a good: 7 out of 10

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