Top 5 Companions from Video Games

Once in a while we are given a traveling buddy or side-kick in a video game to help us on our quest to save the world.

These companions help us greatly and make the journey to the end either easier or more enjoyable due to these helpful and loveable characters.

So here are the (in my opinion) 5 best of  companions from video games!

It's no particular order or rank. It's just a list of 5 companions which I think are the best of 'em all.

Number 5
Lydia from Skyrim!
Ah yes, your very first companion in Skyrim, Lydia.

She's appointed to be your partner(or housecarl if I remember correctly) after helping the town of Whiterun. After that she's there to carry all the extra junk you can't carry, help take on bandits, wolves, dragons, frostbite spiders, falmer and draugr.

In fact, most of the time she's the first one to run in to the fight!

Even when there's a dragon she runs in ready to slice up a dragon with her sword!

It was nice to know that there was a companion who could actually help you a lot in your many quests throughout Skyrim. Which made it all the worse whenever Lydia would die.

She was the first and arguably the overall favorite of the Skyrim community.

If we would ever lose Lydia in a fight, we all reacted the same way.

Number 4
Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite
"Bring us the girl, and wipe away the debt."

The girl being the very helpful and very unique companion of any video game I have ever played, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth is a character you  have to escort out of the floating city of Columbia, except unlike the escorting of  Ashely from Resident Evil 4. Elizabeth can actually defend herself and stay out of trouble. While doing so she helps you, Booker, with things like ammunition, Salts to charge your Vigors, guns, health and cash.

All at a push of a button.

What balances out this helping factor is the fact that Elizabeth will only go searching for helpful items is when you, the player, are in a pinch. You're either low on health, low on ammo, low on salts or you don't have the right weapon for the situation. The money she tosses only comes your way when  you're exploring an area with money lying around, she's not going to toss money your way when you're in the middle of a fight.

Another aspect of Elizabeth that makes it so helpful is that she can rip open doors into alternate worlds where items or objects are not in your current reality. Say there's an alternate world where a barrel of machine guns is placed next to a door. Elizabeth has the ability to bring that barrel from the alternate dimension into your dimension so you have ammo and more guns to use against the enemy.

Your partner gives you helpful hints and tutorials?

Mine can open doorways to alternate dimensions!

Number 3

Cortana from the Halo series

Cortana has been with us since 2001 when the original Halo first hit shelves. She was an AI construct that was the last of her kind and has been the guiding voice to Master Chief.

When Halo 2 ended, I'm pretty sure a lot of people wanted Halo 3 to come out as soon as possible so that way they get to find Cortana again. In Halo 3, I'm pretty sure a lot of people were so happy to finally see Cortana again.

And I'm pretty sure in Halo 4 a lot of people were nearly brought to tears when they saw what happened to Cortana.

Cortana is one of those companions that created an emotional bond not only with Master Chief but many fans of the Halo series.

Hopefully in Halo 5, we'll be able to bring her back.

Number 2
Epona from The Legend of Zelda
The Hero of Time is nothing without his trusty steed Epona.

Epona not only is a beautiful horse but also a pretty bad ass one once you think about it.

Think of all the times when you were out in the Hyrule Field in Twilight Princess and the goblins(or whatever) shot all those fire tipped arrows at you and they ended up hitting Epona.

Did Epona fall over? No.

Did Epona stop in her tracks? No.

Did Epona bleed? No.

She kept speeding on with you on her back ready to fight the enemy head on!

When terrible Po ghosts and other monsters appeared out of the night did Epona run in fear?


Link has a lot of courage in him but so does his trusty companion Epona!

Number 1
Midna from LoZ: Twilight Princess
If your awesome colored hair also doubles as a hand of your own power which you can use to levitate objects 30 times bigger than you and also teleport it to another location in the world.

You're fucking awesome.

Midna, when I was first playing Twilight Princess, was a character that I honestly hated. She would always belittle any big thing Link did, mock him for not being able to certain things and would laugh in your face about it.

But then she started to grow. She started to care about the people in the world of Hyrule, cared about what would happen to Princess Zelda and even started to become a much more helping companion to Link.

Hell she even fell in love with Link.

Oh and she also did this

That also wins you some badass points.

Mida is really a favorite of mine as she's just so damn cool and a character you end up caring about as the story of Twilight Princess continues. She's almost like the Cortana of the LoZ series. Not like those  other two characters which shall go unnamed.

You know who I'm talking about Zelda fans.

She's also the Princess of this place called the Twilight Realm. That's also pretty damn cool.

I think whenever you have a companion in a video game with awesome magic powers and is also the Princess of another realm with a cool name like Twilight in it.

You get yourself on my list.

The end

Thanks for reading. Wait until next time where I'll be covering the Top 5 WORST companions from video games.

I think you guys may have a good idea of who's going to be on the list.

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