My 5 Favorite Songs from Games

You all have that music bug that you find after listening to a particular song from a video game right?

Don't lie, you know you do.

We have those certain songs from video games that we like so much that even find ways to get the songs onto our MP3s and iPods.

Some songs on this list are actually some I have on my iPod.

So here are my favorite songs from games.

Number 5

In the original Bioshock once you reach the underwater garden known as Arcadia. There is a bridge which you must cross which has gasoline spilt on it and a Splicer who is shooting at you from a balcony in the corner.

Out of nowhere a song plays over the speaker system and it's Django Reinhardt's cover of the song Jitterbug Waltz.

This is one of my favorites because to me, it has that right blend of acoustic guitar and violin. Which seems to be a common aspect in most of the music of Bioshock.

To me, it's also very relaxing.

You could be doing almost anything with this song playing in the background and you would feel relaxed.

Heck, mute any Gears of War and have this song play in the background. You would feel a little bit laid back.

Number 4

This very groovy song of L.A. Noire I actually didn't find in the game. I found it on Youtube.

I really love the bass in this song and of course the clarinet mixed into the song.

It's really fun to listen to and has almost made me shake around in dance.

Number 3

In the intro to Fallout 3 we hear a radio from a decrepit bus lying in the middle of the DC wasteland.

That song is I Don't Want to set the World on Fire by The Ink Spots.

For a lot of us, this song was a song that we wanted to listen to many many times during our exploration of the Capital Wasteland as it did bring us some comfort after facing multiple Deathclaws or facing off some heavily armed members of the Enclave.

Or after we explored a metro overflowing with Feral Ghouls.

Whenever I had my Pipboy out, this was the song I was looking forward to listening to GNR.

Number 2

This, I think, is the ultimate bad guy theme.

It's one of my favorites because it's the song that plays when the bad guy of bad guys arrives.

It's also the song that plays when you're at the end of the road. The Final Battle with the man(or woman) you've been trying to defeat to save the world.

If I were to go years and years without playing FF7 or even remembering where this song came from. I would instantly think to myself "Sephiroth! It's the One Winged Angel!"

This is one of those iconic songs in gaming. At some point and time in your years of being a gamer. This song will have made it's way into your ears and when your friends tell you where this song came from and who's theme it is. You will never forget who this theme belongs to and what it signifies.

FINALLY!!! NUMBER 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have never been so happy to be at a game's title screen until Kingdom Hearts II.

This song is my number 1 favorite because I think it is perfect for the sequel to the original Kingdom Hearts.

Many of you were probably like me after the original Kingdom Hearts. We wanted a new game, we wanted a sequel. When this finally arrived and we were playing a new Kingdom Hearts game, we were really happy.

That's why this song is one of my favorites. It made me happy about the fact that I was playing a new Kingdom Hearts game.

I really want to get the 2.5 HD Remix now. Only problem is I don't have a PS3.

Thanks for reading folks, I hope you enjoyed.

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