Deadpool Review

I'm not a big comic book reading and I've really never known who Deadpool was until X-Men Origins Wolverine, Ultimate Spiderman and of course my friend who introduced me to Deadpool.

I remember when this game was first announced, people we're flooding internet comments with joy about how awesome it is that Deadpool is finally getting his own video game.

Then the game came out and got the same review of "ok."

In my experience...I think that's the appropriate summary for this game.


The graphics of the game are pretty decent, Deadpool does look really good but throughout the game you're not really going to be exploring anywhere that blows you away at how cool it looks.

You see your assortment of standard rich villain buildings, sewers and ruins of an abandoned society.

It's not that impressive. However, there are moments in which the game will surprise you with things like an old 8-bit designed level which is a result from Deadpool himself, going over the budget for the game and even a side-scrolling level.

Unfortunately there are only two of those levels, one for 8-bit and one for side-scrolling.

What will grab you is Nolan North's fantastic job of portraying Deadpool. He has the right amount of crazy and energy put into the character with his portrayal.

There are many funny moments within this game with Nolan North as Deadpool and him giving his voice to some pretty funny moments.


This is where the game ultimately suffers.

The game unfortunately is highly repetitive in it's combat and enemy encounters. For a good amount of time you will be facing the same enemy with the same weapons, same voice and same abilities as the other enemies.

Later, you will encounter some more enemy variants but ultimately at about the halfway point of the game, it's the same enemy every time.

The melee combat also suffers from repetitive design, at first, I had a lot of fun taking on bad guys....until 30 minutes later. I did unlock special combos for certain weapons, but even with these new combos it did not spice up the melee combat to a point where it felt differently from earlier in the game.

The shooting mechanics are also not that amazing as it's your simple third person shooter mechanic with dual wielding weapons like pistols, shotguns, smgs and a special weapon. It's here as well that even with unlock upgrades and perks, it doesn't do much.

You can increase damage, fire rate, magazine size and add some things like counter moves or special combos.

Outside of combat there isn't really anything much to the game.

Surprisingly, there isn't any collectibles to find within the entire game. There are big areas to explore in the game but it will not reward you with things like alternate costumes for Deadpool or concept art for the game.

And outside the campaign, there is a small challenge mode that sets you in particular areas of the map taking on only 3 waves of enemies.

There isn't much in terms of replayability. If you play the game from start to finish....that's ultimately it for this game. One playthrough and there's no reason to play the game again.

The Verdict

Deadpool's only video game does succeed in bringing us a great Deadpool thanks to the talent of Nolan North and some pretty funny moments throughout the game.

Unfortunately the biggest thing pulling the game down is it's highly repetitive combat, recycled enemies, bland level design and lack of replayability.

Deadpool gets on an ok 6 out of 10.

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