Top 5 Enemies That Scared Me in Video Games

At some point and time in our gaming lives we stumble across some horrifying enemies in games.

We know at some point we're going to have to face them and we cannot find a way to avoid confrontation with these nightmares.

I have a few of those enemies in mind. Enemies that I absolutely could not face without trembling and could not face without pressing buttons in a panic to speed up the fight.

These are the Top 5 Enemies That Scared Me in Video Games

Number 5

Chozo Ghosts from Metroid Prime

In Metroid Prime you go to the planet of Tallon IV. The planet has been hit by a strange meteor that unleashes this element known as Phazon into the planet.

What results is the planet slowly dying and the creatures of the planet mutating into horrifying creatures.

What has also happened is that somehow the spirits of the once native population, the Chozo. Have become ghosts and attack anything on sight.

Why are they scary to me? How did they scare me?

Whenever you come across them in the game and whenever you have to face them.

The room goes dim, the only sound you hear are the sounds of the ghosts and the music is replaced with this annoying song  that's fast paced and makes you feel like you're suddenly going to die in the next five seconds!

I hated these things. They would make creepy noises and they would also be vulnerable to only ONE beam, the simple Power Beam and of course they took forever to kill.

Even Super Missiles would be deflected by these beings.

If you had me play Metroid Prime again right now and had me try to play through the Chozo Ghost battles. You would see me quickly become very discouraged and whimper "Noooo..."

Number 4

Headcrab Zombies from the Half-Life Series
Get this.

There is an alien species in the Half-Life series known as the Headcrab. They are essentially the Face-Huggers from Alien but instead of impregnating other species with an Alien egg, instead kill you and take over your body to use it as a host.

What results is the Headcrab Zombie.

A creature that grows skeleton like claws, chest burst open revealing their rib cage and when the Headcrab is killed and removed from the head of the victim. The victim is seen with it's eyes closed and mouth wide open, as if silently screaming in horror and agony before dying.


I first came across these things in Half-Life 2, somewhere around the middle of the game and it was the scariest experience in my time playing FPS games.

The town was dead, almost everyone in there was a Headcrab Zombie. Their screams and moans coming from the victim that I assumed was still alive even when the Headcrab was attached to their heads.

It was not a good time. There was no happy place for me to be at the time.

Number 3
Giant Diangoa from Star Wars:Shadows of The Empire

There have been many weird looking creatures in the Star Wars universe. One of them is the Diangoa.

These creatures mostly take refuge in sewers or anything else that would make your stomach churn in disgust.

Apparently they also grow if left alone in these environments for a long time.

In the Imperial City Sewers level in Shadows of The Empire you must face this as the boss of the level and the setting for this battle could not be any worse.

1) You're fighting the murkiest sewer water. Can't see anything.

2)Occasionally you'll see a giant eye staring directly at you.

3) There are like 10 tentacles surrounding you ready to maul your character

4) You have to keep Dash elevated enough to avoid falling into the Diangoa's giant mouth that is waiting for you at the bottom of the room.

I had to desperately keep pressing the A button on the controller to avoid the mouth and avoid the tentacles. I remember always being so scared approach the room of the boss.

You have never seen me more prepared to bolt out of the room the first sight of this monstrosity.

Number 2
                    Armogohma from LoZ:Twilight Princess

Ah, my arachnophobia even follows me into the fictional world of LoZ.

The Armogohma is a massively sized spider with armor plated legs, body and a giant eye in the middle of it's body that fires a giant laser beam that can even lay eggs to create these small spiders with big blue bodies.


I never liked this thing from the start. Every time it would lay the eggs for the spiders to hatch I would always slash my sword to get rid of them so quickly. You could hear me saying "Get out of here! Get! Go!"

I could not handle the sight of them. Especially Armogohma.

You just couldn't make the game without it huh Nintendo?

Just to even see it fall down to the floor and try to squirm it's way back up even made me scared of it. All those legs and it's giant disgusting spider body.

Thankfully it ended with a much smaller Armogohma that could be taken down with a few shots from your Bow and Arrow.

Andross' True Form from Star Fox 64


I thought Andross alone was pretty terrifying when you first see him. A giant floating monkey head with giant hands with god knows what going on in the background.

Imagine being face to face with this thing, imagine being right there in the cockpit facing something like this and there is no where to go.

Andross' true form is fast and can do massive damage to the Arwing.

If caught in the tentacles below the brain you are trapped and the Arwing will most likely lose a wing and you're then left with a puny little laser to fend off Andross.

After I found out that this thing was waiting for me at the end of the hard path on Star Fox, I went the other way. I always chose the less scarier option and decided to take on Robot Andross.

I would go through every level on the hard path, but as soon as it came to which version of Venom I would play, I chose the easy path.

It's going to be a rare sight to see me fighting against this thing.

Thanks for reading everybody!

I hope you enjoyed and I hope I didn't bring awful memories back to haunt you in your sleep!

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