What Games Do Not Need

More often than nought after a game is released and the result of the finished product is a game with many flaws or seems to be missing certain aspects that could have made the experience in the game better.

We say "This game needed....." or "This game should have had a....." , "This game is missing...." etc. etc.

But when does a game not need something?

When does a game have something in it that ultimately the game could have gone without?

Now before I go on I want you all to know that this is all opinion based. These are things I PERSONALLY BELIEVE. Are things that games do not need.

Let's begin with something that I think is at the forefront of what a game does not need.

Sex Appeal

Take a game like Bayonetta for instance.

To be honest, yes I did like seeing the figure of Bayonetta. Did I think it was needed?


The game was so fun and enjoyable, Bayonetta could've been the video game equivalent of Velma from Scooby-Doo and the experience would still be great.

Other games, however, rely on sex appeal too much and what results are games like Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad.

Even though the sex appeal was high, the experience was terrible. As the game got scores like 1 out of 5 from X-Play, 3 out of 10 from IGN and GamePro giving it a 1 out of 5.

The game needed a better game design, not bikini clad women.

Which makes me glad that games like the recent Tomb Raider make me happy that we had a female hero that was not designed for sex appeal and instead was to be designed to be a well liked and respected heroine in a video game.

Another aspect of video games I think do not need is extreme challenges. Games that are designed to be nothing but a challenge.

Too Much Difficulty

Certain games are designed purposefully to give the gamers a big challenge.

Games like Mega Man, Ninja Gaiden and Dark Souls.

Games do not need to be difficult to be enjoyed. It doesn't make it fun, it makes it hard(obviously).

Now I do understand that satisfying feeling you get once you overcome a challenge in the game. I do not understand why the game has to be nothing but a challenge from start to finish.

After seeing a guy like this over and over again, I'm pretty sure you would get tired of the challenge of beating someone like him again and again.

Finally, this is something that many of us may agree on.

Something that I think we really don't need in games but we would still enjoy.

All Those Graphics

I won't lie, I do enjoy great graphics like everyone else.

Do I feel like they add to the experience? In some ways yes but in many ways no.

Halo 4 didn't really need to be that graphically detailed for players to enjoy the game. Many of us probably would have been fine with the same graphics engine ODST and Halo 3 was running on.

Do you enjoy a game for it's graphics or for it's gameplay?

The gameplay right?

You're not playing a game because of it's graphics, you're playing the game because it's fun and the experience is not like other games.

By the time you get through at least an hour or two into the game you're not noticing the graphics anymore, you're paying attention to how fun the game is after two hours and what else there is to do in the game. Not what else there is to see in the game.

I just recently played Wolfenstein The New Order. I noticed how good the game looked visually at the beginning of the game but after the beginning I no longer focused on the graphics and instead focused on the gameplay.

In Conclusion

Sex appeal only works for so long until players begin to ignore the sex appeal and instead focus on the game itself.

Players like me enjoy a challenge every now and again, but if the games focuses too much on being a challenge to progress through the game, we begin to not enjoy the overbearing challenge and look for something else that still has some challenge but is not as challenging.

Great graphics are a nice aspect to have in a game but the game doesn't really need these extreme graphics to be enjoyed by the player. You're not playing a game for graphics you're playing a game for the experience the game offers you.

There are some of the things I think games do not need.

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