Something Advanced Warfare Needs to Do

I dislike COD a lot mostly due to the fact that it is the same game every year.

No matter what they name the next entry in the series, no matter how many new weapons they add or even new perks. Deep down, it is the same game like last year and the year before that.

Even the graphics are the same as last year but given the most miniscule of updates in the graphics.

The newest title announced in the painfully long series of COD titles is Advanced Warfare.

As soon as this game was announced I already had a huge lack of confidence within the game being good or being new.

Advanced Warfare hasn't been giving me anything to really convince me that they're going to try anything really new with the game.

Advanced Warfare's presentation at E3 I think has really hurt the game.

First and foremost, it was boring. The guy playing was probably told to demonstrate the game in a certain way, I understand that.  But someone seems to think that the best way to demonstrate the game is to play it slow and look around the world around the demonstrator. Move slowly, empty the clip, reload, look around the world to see what's going on and do that a dozen more times.

I will give them credit for at least updating the graphics to seem some what up to date. Nothing visually impressive, but at least something a bit more up to date.

But this post is not about what we saw at E3, it's about something that I think Advanced Warfare needs to do in order to convince players like me that there is truly a new CoD experience waiting for us in November.

A public beta.

I know that Activision will have some sort of special event that allows attendees to play the multiplayer before anyone else.

In some ways that is a good idea as youtubers and others who play the multiplayer at these events get to come back and spread the word on how the new Call of Duty multiplayer is.

Let's change that and make it so that way everyone can see the new Call of Duty for themselves.

You let more people get to try out the game before launch in this huge beta, you will show people whether or not you guys did actually do something different this time around and breathe fresh life into the Call of Duty multiplayer.

A public beta alone will begin to convince people that you guys are doing something different with the game.

I know that Activision has a habit of playing it safe however.

Never straying too far away from the CoD beaten path. The same package every year. Campaign, Multiplayer and some form of co-op mode.

Take a risk for once.

A public beta does introduce the risk of people not liking the game before the game is even released and it results in not many copies of the game being sold, but you're Call of Duty.

There will still be people jumping up and out of their house to buy the new CoD to get the game and play with friends. They'll play it for a few months, find out what you guys did wrong this time and wait in anticipation for the new CoD in hopes the problems from the last game were fixed.

Rinse and repeat.

A public beta I think will be that step in the right direction for Advanced Warfare to take so that way gamer's predictions are proven right or knocked right out of the park.

Go on Sledgehammer.

Please prove me wrong. Please prove that you guys have actually done something different with CoD.

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