Battlefield 4 Weapon Guides: MG4

Most of us have a pretty good idea of how LMGs operate in Battlefield. Usually slow firing, heavy recoil and massive magazine.

The MG4 is different in one instance.

This is the MG4, in Battlefield 4.

The MG4 is unlocked at an LMG score of 48,000.

The minimum and maximum is on par with most other weapons. 18 at a distance and 25 at close range.

The damage drop off doesn't start until 8 meters and the damage doesn't reach it's minimum of 18 until 65 meters.

The fire rate is fast for an LMG at 800 RPM!

The only other LMG with that fast of a fire rate is M249 and the only other LMG to come close to that fire rate is the AWS, clocking in at a fire rate of 780 RPM.

When it comes to reload speed, the MG4 is on par with most other LMGs. The reload speed whether empty or still with some rounds in the magazine is 6.2 seconds.

When we go to the magazine size, it's also on par with some LMGs with a magazine size of a whopping 200 rounds!

Recoil of course is heavy. With a value of .4 up, .2 left and .4 right.

Translation: You're going to be unloading in almost every direction if you don't control the recoil.

To assist you with the recoil(before you unlock any optic attachments) is the pretty decent iron sights.

Personal Opinion and Recommendations

The MG4 really surprised me when I started using it. I would figure it being an LMG and with a high fire rate it would be very difficult to control.

It turns out it wasn't at all that hard to control and high fire rate came in REALLY REALLY handy in taking out enemies.

Unlike most LMGs that have a slower fire rate many of you might notice that the time to kill those enemies is somewhat long. The MG4 gets rid of that problem with the fire rate.

Enemies would go down quickly once I had them in my line of sight, except when they were at a range.

Yes unfortunately the only time this weapon's killing ability suffers is when you try to take out enemies at range. The recoil plays a big part as to why ranged combat is not meant for this weapon.

Which is why I say to all of you who read this.

Go for close quarter engagements!!!!

You could get away with some medium range engagements but ultimately this weapon is better suited for close quarter combat.

So I experimented with some attachment combinations to where I was deadlier at close ranges.

This combination was the Red Dot Sight, Laser Sight, Compensator and Stubby Grip.

The Red Dot Sight(in my opinion) was a much better optic attachment to use for an LMG. The Holo-sight is just too obstructive for my taste and I don't really feel accurate with the sight. The Red Dot Sight gives me this feeling of pin-point accuracy when I use it and many of you might get this feeling as well after using the weapon.

The Laser Sight would improve hip-fire accuracy which in turn meant any enemies that caught me off guard would get a face full of bullets spewing from my big LMG.

The Compensator helped the most by making sure when I was firing the gun would not start drifting off of target and the muzzle was more stable for any close quarter engagements. Trust me, you must have this in your loadout.

Finally, The Stubby Grip. has the effects of the Stubby Grip listed as "15% less spread increase per shot and 33% less ADS max spread(minor)."

So even though there may be some minor benefits to using The Stubby Grip, I strongly recommend you use The Stubby Grip so that way the shots of your gun don't start flying off into the great unknown.

Once you build your loadout, your gun should look like this(unless you add your own personal camouflage).

The Verdict

The MG4 LMG is a good weapon. What it suffers from is a lack of long range combat efficiency.

It has good damage, a massive magazine and a fast fire rate to make engagements quick and easy.

After a few modifications to the weapon and you'll have yourself a close quarter weapon that will make everyone else hate you for having such a gun.

If you're unlocking the LMGs in Battlefield 4, this is an LMG I would recommend trying out.

Thank you for reading and I hope this helped you in any way shape or form.

Next time, I'll be covering the ACE 23.

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