5 Characters I Absolutely Hate from Video Games

We all have a list of people we absolutely despise.

Characters that we either want to die or can't wait until they die. For whatever reason it is, we can't stand them and we get annoyed by the mere mention of their name.

You hate them and I hate them.

So here are the list of characters that I absolutely hate from those games.

Number 5
Handsome Jack from Borderlands 2
This guy may have had some funny moments in the game and made me laugh but I hate this guy to death!!!!

All the time I was playing Borderlands 2 I kept thinking "How am I going to kill this guy? Rocket Launcher to the face or one good shot from a Jakobs revolver?"

Either way I was hoping to get to be able to deliver the Coup De Grace.

He's just the biggest asshole you've ever met in a video game. He forced his daughter at a young age to go from little girl into his own super powered Siren machine, kills innocent people and calls himself "The Hero."

I of course have a certain level of hatred to the villain who knows he's the villain. But to the villain that thinks he's the good guy with all the stuff he's done?

You've gone too far.

Also, I hate him for how stupid he is.

He invents a machine that can respawn the very people who are gearing up to kill him and all he does is make you cough up some thousand dollars of your millions of dollars.


Number 4
General Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse from Wolfenstein
The face of the original bad guys of the world and also the man who makes you chose which of your friends to kill.

I honestly at first didn't think much of Deathshead; I didn't know who he was to the Wolfenstein mythos.

After I got to meet him and what he makes you do.....I was ready to avenge either Fergus or Private Wyatt!

He's twisted, sinister, has an ugly face and even uses the choice you made at the beginning of the game against you in the most evil way possible.

I hate him for being the Nazi of Nazis.

Number 3
Fi from Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Imagine Navi from Ocarina of Time but made a thousand times worse.

Stopping you in the middle of the game to tell you the obvious and treat you like you're the most forgetful person in the world.

She constantly stopped me telling me obvious things like "Master, that ladder is the only way to the next floor, you need to find a way to bring it down so you can proceed through the temple."

"Master, I calculate an 80% chance that the door you just unlocked will lead you to the master of this temple."

I'm sure Fi was made to kind of be the aid to new coming Legend of Zelda players, but why not give the option to veteran Zelda players to either limit the hints she gave you or just disable her from showing up in general and when you ACTUALLY needed her, you just needed to press a button.

Sorry everyone...Fi is just not made for me.

Number 2
Damon Baird from Gears of War
I know Damon after the first game his character started to improve and he was more bearable to deal with and you could actually listen to him talk without groaning in irritation of his voice.

I still hated him though.

In the first Gears of War he is nothing but a cynical, whiny smart-ass that constantly berates you with small corrections and criticisms over the smallest things.

He starts whining when things seem to be going bad, he berates you over everything you accomplish and always acts like a spoiled child that doesn't like to be told what to do after Marcus orders him to do anything.

Marcus could order Baird or suggest to Baird to do anything and he would always give a smart-ass remark for anything.

NUMBER 1!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have honestly never met a character as annoying as Slippy.

I have never experienced a character that has such an annoying voice and is constantly in need of rescue.

I hate Slipp for a few things.

1)His voice in Star Fox 64 is annoying.

2)His personality in Star Fox 64? Annoying.

3) His helpfulness? Almost non-existent.

I know Slippy gives you a shield analysis of the enemy bosses you face in certain levels but it doesn't really help you out THAT much.

Every enemy boss could be taken down just by blasting them, regardless of knowing how much health they have or not.

In fact, it makes it more interesting that you don't know how much health they have and you have to blast them enough that they go down.

When you play any mission where you can fly around the level freely Slippy, is the one who is always asking for help. You take down the enemies behind him and two seconds later he's asking for help again. You begin the new level and not even a whole minute will go by and Slippy will ALREADY be asking for help!

In fact, he's the one I've noticed with the most enemies following him most of the time!

Falco at most gets one or two, Peppy, the same. Slippy? At least three or four!

I know it's not a whole heck of a lot and that was a bit nitpicky but honestly. I can understand helping an AI character even once in a while, but to the point where any mission with that AI character is doing nothing but saving their digital butts gets annoying very quickly.

Thanks for reading.

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