Battlefield 4 Weapon Guides: MK 11 Mod 0

Battlefield 4 introduced us to a new class of weapon, DMRs.

Aka, Designated Marksman Rifles. Semi-Auto rifles meant for medium and long range engagements.

For BF3 veterans, every semi-auto sniper rifle from BF3 got their own class.

This is the MK 11 Mod 0 in Battlefield 4.


The MK11 Mod 0 is the 2nd DMR of the DMR Weapon Class. The class itself is unlocked when you reach a score of 13k using the Recon Kit.

The MK11 Mod 0 is unlocked at a DMR score of 4k.

The damage is on par with every other DMR in class(except the SKS). A minimum damage of 38 and a maximum damage of 45.

The damage does not start to drop to it's minimum until 15 meters and it doesn't drop to it's minimum until 80 meters.

The fire rate is slow at only 260 RPM.

Reload speed is good at 1.85 seconds with rounds still left in the magazine and 2.4 seconds when the magazine has been emptied.

The magazine is also pretty good at 21 rounds, the 21st round being the one in the chamber.

Finally, the recoil, the recoil has been measure at a value of 0.5 up, 0.6 to the right and -0.3 to the left.

Translation: Without controlling the recoil, the gun will kick up....REALLY up. If you do control the recoil, you'll get a decent grouping of shots.


To assist with the recoil which is, in my opinion, pretty decent iron sights.


In my experience the MK11 has been the DMR I've done better with. Every other DMR just seems to not do the trick with me. The recoil is either too much or the iron sights are unbearable.

Like all the DMRs though, they do not let you unleash your trigger finger onto your enemy. A lot of shots from the weapon if fired in quick succession would miss the target.

I had to have a controlled fire rate in order to get kills, otherwise I would end up dead.

You had to let the recoil settle before you took another shot or the weapon simply won't hit the target.

And in my experience, the gun didn't really need any attachments except the Angled Grip.

Sure you could add some other attachments to improve your experience, but I would tread carefully as to which ones you choose.

The Angled Grip is attached to tame that high as a kite recoil, so when you unlock the Angled Grip. Slap that thing as quick and hard as you can onto the gun or else you're going to be seeing the sky more often than you would want to when playing the multiplayer.

Other attachments will have their own benefits but I think the number one attachment you should equip is the Angled Grip.

Keeps that recoil at bay.

The Verdict

The MK11 Mod 0 is a good DMR rifle, despite it's flaw in rapid fire accuracy.

It's got good damage, good reload speed and good iron sights.

It'll be a good weapon to use when you get the hang of how to use it.

In fact, you may actually want to use it more often than you would think.

Give it a shot when you get the chance.

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