Why I'm Buying A PS4

Good morning everyone.

Now before I begin with this post, yes I know I had a previous post that had "Why I'm Buying a PS4" in the title, this is the expanded version in a sense. One of the reasons stated in the post I made was because of the games.

This is adding to the reasons I'm buying a PS4.

The Price

100 dollars cheaper than the competitor? Yes please.

A lot of people buying the PS4 are also buying it for the price. Add me to the list of people who are buying the PS4 also because of the price. The price of the PS4 would not have been 400 dollars if Sony had the Playstation Eye bundled in with the PS4, they decided to remove it for the lower price.

I live on a budget, 400 dollars is a comfortable price for me.

Reason 2?

The Games

When I saw the games for the PS4 vs the games for the Xbox One, the games for the PS4 interested me the most.

Some games that have also been PC only titles that others are going to be able to play.

Games like Planetside 2.

 DC Universe Online

and Warframe

I've played Playstation exclusives in the past but never owned a Playstation console. I've missed out on so many good exclusives like Uncharted, God of War, Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter, Sly Cooper, The Last of Us and Killzone.

The exclusives for the PS4 look more appealing to me than the exclusives for the Xbox One(except for Titanfall, Titanfall looks amazing). So if you ask me what games I'm looking forward to the most in terms of exclusives, I'll tell you "Infamous Second Son and Killzone Shadowfall"

The games are the biggest reasons I'm buying a PS4.

Reason 3.


I generally avoid this issue but I need to get this off my chest.

Microsoft has been the worst thing to happen to the Xbox One. The DRM policies, always online requirements which although are gone, has ultimately left a scar on the reputation for the Xbox One.

It will be a good console don't get me wrong, but the elephant in the room will always be the DRM policies and the always online requirements that would've been on the Xbox One if Microsoft did not do the infamous "180".

The Kinect that is coming with the console is still a mandatory device required for the Day One update for the Xbox One to patch the DRM policies. That extra hundred dollars you're paying for the Xbox One is for the Kinect.

That's where the PS4 wins in this case. Sony did not even consider implementing any form of DRM with the PS4 or make it an always online device, Sony took out the Playstation Eye so the console would be cheaper.

Don Mattrick screwed up big time when he pretty much told anyone without internet that the Xbox One isn't for them, go buy an Xbox 360. Slamming the door to the next-generation of gaming in anyone's face who wants to go next-gen.

Like I said, even though the DRM policies, the always online requirements are gone it's left a scar and a bad taste in the mouths of the gaming community. Don Mattrick may be gone but his comment has added to the bad taste.

In The End

The PS4 is my next-gen console of choice.

For me the price is better and the games are better.

If the negative PR storm never happened to Microsoft I would still be choosing a PS4 for the games.

No matter what Microsoft does at this point, good or bad. The PS4 is my console of choice for the new titles coming to the console.

Thank you for reading.

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