Magic City (2012) Starz Series Review

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Welcome to my review of the Starz series Magic City.

The story of corruption, murder and sex.


Set in 1959 Miami, Florida after the Cuban Revolution.

We are introduced to Ike Evans, the owner of Miami's most glamorous hotel the Miramar Playa. When Ike was building the Miramar he didn't have enough money to make the Miramar the hotel he wanted it to be, so before it was finished he made a deal with the most notorious mob boss of Miami Ben "The Butcher" Diamond.

Although the Miramar Playa would not have been what it is without Ben Diamond, Ike is looking for a way to get rid of Ben Diamond and cut all connections to the mob. Ben on the other hand is doing his best to show Ike that getting rid of him will not be the best decision.


The series itself is a mixed bag.

The story to the series is very interesting and watching Ike struggle to be a good man while fighting his opposite Ben Diamond is a fight you do want to watch. It's almost like watching Batman fighting the Joker or Sherlock Holmes face Moriarty, unlike Moriarty however Ben Diamond is a character you can't get enough of and is more of a Joker character than anything else.

The lengths of which Ben Diamond will go to demonstrate to Ike and others why they need to be afraid of  "The Butcher" is a guilty pleasure. You know you shouldn't enjoy it but you do.

The setting itself and the recreation of the 1950s is beautiful. Listening to music from the time period from artists like Frank Sinatra and others, to seeing cars and decor of that period.

Even the attire of that time is present, truly sending you back into to 1950s.

Aside from the beauty and interesting story is that the series will go from a drama series into a porn series. The amount of times they decide to show a sex scene in the middle of the episode is ridiculous.

 I am 19 years old, yes I like sexy women but the amount of sex scenes in this series is unnecessary, the story and events of each episode do not need these sex scenes, these scenes actually leave a stain on the rest of the episode. These scenes become more prevalent in the second season of the series, they serve no purpose, they don't advance the plot.

Aside from the unneeded sex scenes the plot in certain episodes can be confusing, the motivations behind character actions isn't explained very well or not explained at all. When negative events happen to characters there will be situations which these events won't be explained as to how or why it happened.

One character could be sneaking out important information for Ike but then out of nowhere one of Ben Diamond's workers could stop said character from giving Ike more information. Without any explanation as to how Ben Diamond's worker knew that the character was giving Ike that information.

Another problem with the series is the characters, certain characters will be more memorable and identifiable. What will happen later in the story is those characters you don't remember and can't identify will be killed, the memorable and identifiable characters will be upset due to the deaths of these characters but you won't understand why because you don't know who died and who that character was to the more identifiable character.

What the series does right is recreating the 1950s and an interesting story that will keep you invested until the end.

The Verdict

Magic City has an interesting story with some interesting characters and does a good job at recreating the late 1950s in Miami.

What the series suffers from is an excessive amount of sex scenes and unexplained key moments in the plot.

It's a  good drama series that can easily turn to a soft core porn series with the baffling amount of sex scenes and plot holes.

Update: At the time I wrote this review I didn't know that Magic City was cancelled until this past weekend.

So with that update let's wrap the review differently.

Magic City was a good show, that was slowly turning into something it shouldn't have become, a soft core porn series. As the series progressed the writers didn't miss the opportunity to add as many sex scenes into the show as possible, especially in the second season.

If the show comes out on DVD I still recommend you guys to buy the DVD, it's a good series that keeps you hooked to the end.

We'll miss you Magic City....

Magic City gets a 7 out of 10

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