Pat Robertson: Video Game Murder Is The Same Thing As Real Murder

Yes folks, you read that title right and this is something he actually said.

Pat Robertson who is the host of  'The 700 Club' was doing a Q&A section in the broadcast when one of the question was about what the bible says about "virtual sins".

Here is the video.

So if you've killed someone in a videogame, it's the same as doing it in real life. Oh yes of course, I killed a soldier in Call of Duty with one cut of my knife, it's the same thing as doing it in real life.

In a video game the characters you see are not real, when you kill someone in a videogame that someone in most cases will come back again and will do the exact same thing it did before you took it upon yourself to kill that someone. In Borderlands 2 for example when you kill Hunter Hellquist of the Hyperion Truth Network, leave the area and come back after 10 minutes he's back doing the same thing he was doing when you first encountered him, the same thing does not happen in real life.

When you kill a soldier in Call of Duty, that soldier is not dead, he'll come back again in 3 seconds with the exact same look, exact same voice and exact same equipment he had before you killed him. It's not the same thing as killing someone in real life, in real life that person is gone, he or she cannot come back, in the virtual world that person can come back.

Once again it's this ridiculous accusation that if you've killed in a game you're a murderer in reality.  Merging fantasy with reality and putting a guilt trip onto anyone who plays videogames where the objective is to kill kill kill.

I'm not a murderer in reality because I played Dishonored, I'm a gamer.

The only time I get violent in reality is when lag happens.....and when there's a fly bugging me.

Thank you for reading.

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