Borderlands 2 Weapon Loot Guide: Maliwan Weapons

Good afternoon everyone.

Welcome to my 2nd Borderlands 2 Weapon Loot Guide.

Today, we will be looking at the weapons of pure elegance and art.


Corporation Motto

                             "Where form meets function"

The Maliwan corporation believes that combat is an art, and elemental weaponry is the paint. If you need to burn, fry, or melt your enemies, Maliwan will be your weapon du jour.

Though their initial damage may not be spectacular, Maliwan delivers damage over time like no other manufacturer on Pandora. Not to mention incredibly sleek, sophisticated Maliwan aesthetic---when your enemies see a Maliwan weapon in your hand, two thoughts will pass through their mind.

"Damn that's a sleek-ass gun,"

Followed by

                                         "Oh god, why am I on fire?"


Every enemy has a characteristic that will make them vulnerable to a specific type of elemental damage.

Here's how each element works.

Fire-Is effective against flesh, psychos without shields, Varkids, Spiderants, Bullymongs and Skags will be vulnerable to this element.

Electricity-Is effective against shields and nothing else. You can electrocute your enemies by shooting them enough times but the bonus elemental damage dealt will be minuscule at best, although they will open shielded enemies to be vulnerable to other elemental damage, so if you want to be as effective as possible it wouldn't hurt to bring a Fire or Corrosive weapon with you just in case.

Corrosion-Is effective against armor, Hyperion robots, Hyperion turrets and Badass Varkids will be vulnerable to this element. Hyperion robots have a weak spot with the wires that connect the left and right arms to the body of the robot, hit the weak spot enough times and the robot will be without weaponry, their only option is to charge a blast of electricity to get rid of your shields for other enemies in the area to take you down.

Slag-A new element introduced into Borderlands is Slag. This element doesn't deal bonus damage over time like Fire,Electricity or Corrosion, instead Slag makes your opponents more vulnerable to other weapons, elemental and non-elemental. If an enemy is slagged by your weaponry, they'll be more vulnerable to other weapons in your arsenal. If you have a Jakobs weapon and your opponent has been Slagged....well let's just say he'll be dead in a short amount of time.

Maliwan weapons in terms of performance however are not bad but they're not great either. Maliwan weapons don't excel in damage but they're not weapons that fire pebbles either, if you find a Maliwan weapon in your travels, you will find a weapon that will give a balanced performance in each aspect.

They certainly will be the most unique weapons on Pandora that you will find.

Especially when it comes to aesthetics.

Take this Maliwan SMG for instance.

Sleek, shiny and curved. Maliwan weapons will almost look like weapons you might see in films like Tron Legacy, if there is anyone that prefers weapons with more color and elegant design instead of blocky butch weapons like Jakobs or Bandit weapons, Maliwan weapons are for you.

The Verdict

Maliwan weapons are weapons meant for those searching for weapons that can turn the fight into their favor with the bonus elemental damage Maliwan weapons offer.

The weapons in terms of damage, accuracy and other weapon aspects cannot compete with the other weapon manufacturers and instead have a balanced performance.

Any one who comes across a Maliwan weapon might want to consider picking up that Maliwan weapon, you'll never know when it may come in handy, who knows, you might prefer it over a Jakobs.

Thank you for reading.

I hope you enjoyed and you learned something useful.

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