GazetteGamerReviews Update

Good morning folks.

This is an update post about what's going to be happening with the blog and what reviews will be posted later in time.

College for me is starting again tomorrow and I have more classes then the last time I was there, so that means I'll have less free time to post news updates and reviews.

Right now I'm playing three games for review.

Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past

Dead Rising 2

And Ghostbusters: The Video Game

I'm not going to be finishing them in any particular order or by a certain time, they'll be done when they're done.

I don't want to rush through the games just for the sake of review to move on to other games, no I want to start from the beginning and make it to the end.

Also what some of you may have noticed is the change in template for the blog. I changed it back for the easier customization of the background for the blog to give it more of a personal touch, Dynamic Views didn't allow that so it was a simple black and gray color scheme, the most I could do was the change the color and text font with the title and description of the blog.

I liked the Simple format for the flexibility to personalize the blog, which is why you see that background of all the video game propaganda posters which I pieced together from images gathered on Bing.

Another thing I'm going to see happen is vlogs, I've talked about them in the past but never got around to it. So I'll try to do some more of those in time.

But for right now all I ask of you and anyone who is reading the blog, please follow the blog, please enjoy yourself and find reviews of games and information you may need on what's going on in the gaming spectrum.

Share my blogs with anyone else who may be interested.

Thank you for reading.

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