The Niched On Multiplayer: My Take On The Subject

Good afternoon everyone.

Recently most of us have learned of the recent addition of a multiplayer component for Batman Arkham Origins. Some of us were intrigued as to how exactly the multiplayer component would work out and some were concerned or not pleased of the revelation.

Here's the trailer

We've seen this been done in the past, a single player game designed only to be single player has had a multiplayer component added later in the series. The result is not a very good one and a lot of players such as myself do not like the addition of a multiplayer component.

Games such as Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, Bioshock 2 and Dead Space 2  had a multiplayer component added in, however it was Spec Ops: The Line that had a multiplayer component made only because 2K said that there needed to be a multiplayer mode available on the game. The lead designer of Spec Ops Cory Davis said...

"The publisher was determined to have it anyway, it was literally a check box that the financial predictions said we needed, and 2K was relentless in making sure that it happened - even at the detriment of the overall project and the perception of the game."

The multiplayer development was outsourced to Darkside Studios. Davis described it as a "low-quality Call of Duty clone in third-person"  claiming "it tossed out the creative pillars of the product".

Now with the multiplayer mode announced for Arkham Origins, part of the concern for the multiplayer component added into Arkham Origins is not simply because it's an added multiplayer component to a single player series.

Splash Damage, who made the less than popular game Brink is the one designing the multiplayer.

Also part of the concern is because we've seen niched on multiplayer modes made in the past on games that have been well known as single player only experiences. These experiences are so good that the addition of a multiplayer component would by many gamers like myself left alone, reasons ranging from the multiplayer not being designed very well or not being a competitive player.

I think the reason why we don't like the idea of game series getting a new multiplayer component is because we fear what will result from the inclusion of said multiplayer. With a game series that has had the focus mainly being on the single player experience, we fear that some of the focus of the single player will then be lost and focused onto the aspect of the game you didn't want. You didn't buy Arkham Origins for the multiplayer you bought it for the single player experience.

These additions of multiplayer modes in the past creates a certain fear,fear that loss in focus will then result in a shorter single player experience, leaving players wanting to do more in the single player, there to be more reasons to continue playing the single player. Those games with short single player experiences leave you wanting to play more out of the single player, however if there isn't more to do in the single player but you still want to play the game, the thought emerges...

"Guess I'll try the multiplayer now"

After trying out the multiplayer, it may turn out not be a very good experience and will leave you wanting even more of the game that isn't multiplayer, soon that game is buried in the library of your other games and you search for a different game.

It's the fear of something  added to the game that has not been there before, it's a fear of change. No longer will there be a single player only Batman game, the game will now come with multiplayer, that idea scares many into thinking that the multiplayer experience will not be good, the addition of multiplayer will result in focus lost from the single player experience.

With the Arkham series getting that niched on multiplayer, the fear has risen again and we fear the worst for the next Batman game.

Although I'm mainly curious of the multiplayer, there is a slight concern of what this new multiplayer mode will entail.

Thank for you reading.

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