Call of Duty Ghosts Multiplayer Reveal Impressions

Good afternoon everyone.

Today was the multiplayer reveal of Call of Duty Ghosts.We got to see a glimpse into what the new multiplayer has in store for us, what improvements and changes have been made with this new entry into the series and of course we heard a rap song to go with the trailer.

Here's the trailer that was shown.

There are 7 new multiplayer modes, 20+ new killstreaks, 30+ new weapons and over  twenty thousand possibilities for soldier customization, which includes customizing your own female soldier.

Of course some of the new weapons we'll be seeing in the multiplayer was also shown.

A new tier they introduced is the Marksman Rifle tier, which includes semi-automatic rifles and scoped semi-auto sniper rifles. The new scope system is called "Dual Render" now when you're sniping you'll be able to regain some peripheral vision that you would normally lose when aiming through sniper scopes in past games.

There are also 35 perks in the multiplayer.19 more perks than Black Ops 2, are these new? I'm not sure but I suspect that these perks are going to be perks from past games broke into smaller pieces of their original versions.

For the rest of the reveal and information on the multiplayer and other modes here's the video from Gamespot.

I personally was impressed with the reveal.  From what I saw it does look like Infinity Ward is doing something different with the approach to multiplayer and changing a lot of things with the game..

The addition of destructible and dynamic maps to the game although new to COD looks like it's limited, unlike in Battlefield where almost everything you see can be destroyed with the right amount of force, in Ghosts it looks like it's limited to certain key areas with hints or signs that only that certain area of the environment

The series does look like it's getting a new facelift for the next-gen with Ghosts, I know I'll be picking it up for the PS4 as well as Battlefield 4. I do hope however that some of the problems the series has had in the past is gone or at least been tried to eliminate.

OP weapons, OP perks, OP equipment and OP killstreaks. It's the same concern that players such as myself have had in the past, but it's an issue I would like to see at least try to be avoided.

It is Infinity Ward after all.

Thank you for reading.

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