RetroGazetteReviews: Super Metroid(1994)

Hello everybody.

Amongst my PS4 gaming I also snuck in some time in Super Metroid that I bought off of the Nintendo Shop on the Wii.

I don't know why, but I suddenly got the urge to play Super Metroid around the holidays.

So guess what I did over Winter Break?

This is Super Metroid for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.


After Samus Aran delivers the Metroid hatchling, which she found on the planet SR388 , she delivers the baby Metroid to the Ceres Space Colony for research.  As she's leaving the Colony, she receives a distress signal from the Colony.

She returns to find all the scientists dead and the Metroid hatchling gone. Samus, dwelling deeper into the colony, finds the baby in the capsule but is being held by the Space Pirate leader Ridley.

After a small fight, Samus fights off Ridley. Before the fight is over, Ridley triggers the self-destruct sequence on the Colony fleeing with the baby Metroid. Samus manages to escape and follow Ridley to the planet Zebes.

Samus has returned to the planet where she first fought off the Space Pirates and defeated Mother Brain. Samus unfortunately finds out that the Space Pirates have rebuilt their base down in the depths of the planet.

Samus must now dive deeper into the planet to find where the Space Pirates are keeping the Metroid hatchling.


Super Metroid is down right fun.

Side scrolling 16-bit goodness of traveling through all sorts of exotic alien locations and high tech bases while blasting all sorts of creatures with an assortment of missiles, bombs and different arm cannon upgrades.

The game is similar to every other 2D Metroid games but unlike the previous Metroid games. You can customize Samus in terms of suits, beams and abilities. In the first Metroidl, once you got a beam upgrade in the original Metroid, you were stuck with that beam upgrade.

In Super Metroid, sick of the Ice Beam? No problem, you can disable it to only use other beams.

If you have played the future Metroid games like Metroid Prime up to Other M then the core of the game is essentially the same. Collect upgrades in order to defeat enemies and future bosses you encounter to process through the game.

What is different though is that there are certain abilities and upgrades you may not find in the game, it doesn't mean you won't be able to complete the game but they do help you get suit upgrades and navigate through the areas you explore a lot easier.

In terms of game length it's actually not THAT long. At the end of my play-through I finished the game at 4 hours and 23 minutes. You could extended that out to over 5 or 6 hours if you want to find every single little suit upgrade in the game.

If you do decide to do that, god have mercy on your soul.

The world of Super Metroid is big with all sorts of secret rooms, hidden passage ways that will have something in the way.

Sure you found the secret area, but do you have the necessary upgrades to find the other upgrades in the room?

It's a fun game to play and fun to search every nook and cranny arming yourself up with many missiles and power bombs.

The Verdict

Super Metroid as of now is 20 years old.


It's a classic 16-bit Nintendo title experience that anyone who loves to play retro games from SNES era must get.

To anyone who has played Metroid: Other M but not know what happened before then, you should consider picking this game up.

Thanks for reading.

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