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Hello everyone.

I recently have had the opportunity to play Killzone:Shadowfall.

Shadowfall is actually the first Killzone title I have actually owned on a Playstation console. I did play the original Killzone on the PS2 and I loved it. Playing split-screen with my friend against the bots after school was a fun time.

I looked forward to owning Shadowfall, unfortunately I found out Shadowfall does not support split-screen and fighting offline bots.

Then I played the campaign to Shadowfall to be disappointed even more.


The campaign to Killzone Shadowfall gameplay wise is actually very lack luster.

It's not very exciting when it comes to the combat it's rather lack luster and is a straight forward shooter with some twists.

Take cover, shoot, take cover, shoot. There are missions that change up the formula with missions restricting you to only use a few weapons or making the player use their stealth abilities to avoid direct confrontation and zero-g missions being able to blast down robots and Helghast soldiers.

You do have a range of some pretty awesome weapons, the default weapon being an advanced SMG that can be transformed into a mid-range rail gun rifle and other weapons awesome power and accuracy.

Along with your weapons you also have a small drone known as the OWL. It can be used to fight the enemy AI, hack terminals, stun enemies, deploy a nano-shield and deploy a zipline so you can traverse some of the more open areas of the campaign.

What makes the OWL unique is that you can set what ability it should use next with the Dualshock 4's touch-pad. A simple swipe to the left or to the right and at a press of a button your OWL drone will use the ability you set the drone to use.

It is actually very helpful but it's not something that spices up the gameplay.

The gameplay is nothing spectacular but the visuals are.


Holy smokes does this game look amazing!

As a tech demo of what the PS4 can do in terms of visuals is astonishing. The fact that a game that looks as amazing as Shadow Fall is being experienced on a console is something that gives you confidence in what the next-gen system can do.

Guns are given so much detail and unique design. Lighting is some of the best I have seen in a game so far and the face models in the game are really REALLY good.

The first picture doesn't necessarily count but look at the detail in his forehead.

If this is the kind of visual quality the next-gen can's the new Fallout going to look like?


I have never played Killzone's online multiplayer but I really REALLY do like the multiplayer in Shadowfall.

Unlike common multiplayer shooters like Battlefield or Call of Duty where you need to rank up to unlock weapons or special abilities. Shadowfall's multiplayer instead has all primary weapons unliked, all sidearms unlocked and all special abilities unlocked.

This may sound like that means there will be huge in-balances but that's not true.

From what I've seen no one is using a particular weapon extensively and getting amazing K/D ratios. In fact; I'm not even sure there is an over-powered weapon. The weapons seem to be pretty balanced.

 Although the weapons have been unlocked you do have to use the weapons to unlock optic attachments and under-barrel attachments but nothing to enhance weapon performance by reducing recoil or anything like that.

Instead of there being different objective based game playlist there is instead Warzone.

Warzone is a multiplayer playlist that can change the objective of the multiplayer match from Search and Destroy to Domination. Instead of backing out to look for a different game mode to play, you instead just have to wait until the next round of multiplayer. I've tried to play other objective modes but so far I've only played TDM, Search and Destroy and a mode that's like Domination from COD and Battlefield. I'm not sure if it's actually called Domination.

It's a fun multiplayer. The maps have a good design, spawns are not a problem, killing enemies to hear a small chime and points being added to your game score is oh so satisfying.

I didn't have to struggle to enjoy the multiplayer. I didn't have to worry about spawning in front of the enemy team or be shot in the back as soon as I spawned.

I spawned and shot some people in the face.....and that's beautiful

The Verdict

Killzone Shadowfall when it comes to the campaign is very bland.

As a tech demo, it's amazing.

The multiplayer is enjoyable and takes a unique approach to unlocking and using weapons and is probably the one multiplayer game I have played that has got everything about the design right.

If you want to play a game that honestly shows what the PS4 is capable of, you should get this game.

If you want a multiplayer game that has good spawns, good map design and good weapon balance. Do yourself a favor and get this game.

Killzone Shadowfall get's the great score of 8 out of 10

Thanks for reading.

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