Battlefield 4 Weapon Guides:AK-12 Assault Rifle

Hello everyone.

Welcome to my first in the series of Battlefield 4 Weapon Guides.

I'm actually quite excited to be starting a new weapon guide series.

Today, we'll be covering the default unlock of the Assault Rifle category.

The AK-12.


The AK-12, formerly the AK-200, is the latest Russian assault rifle derived of the infamous Kalashnikov AK-47. The AK-12 uses the same gas-operated long-stroke piston system of previous Kalashnikov based rifles, but this new Kalashnikov rifle has some new designs that make it vastly different from the other rifles in the family.

For starters, the light version of the rifle can swap calibers by a quick change of the barrel, you can change from the 5.45x39mm caliber to the 7.62x39mm caliber and the 5.56x45mm caliber.

Ergonomically the AK-12 is also different from previous designs. The AK-12 stock is telescoping, in-line with the barrel for better recoil control. What that means is that the stock of the weapon can be folded to either side of the weapon or the stock can be extended out or shortened for better control.

The rifle was proposed as the general issue assault rifle for the Russian Army, but as of late September 2013, the Russian Defense Ministry chose not to adopt the AK-12 for military use.

Game Performance

In game, the AK-12 is the default weapon of the Assault Kit and the Assault Rifle category.

It deals the standard amount of damage of 25 units of damage up close and 18 at a distance.

The gun's damage will deal it's maximum amount of damage up to 8 meters and will deal it's minimum amount of damage at 55 meters.

Fire rate is lower than most rifles in tier at 650 RPM, each bullet fired will travel at a velocity of 600 meters per second.

Magazine size is standard for the assault rifles, 30 rounds in the magazine with 1 in the chamber. Reload speed is quick at 2.5 seconds with rounds still left in the magazine and 3 seconds exactly if the magazine is completely empty.

Recoil is fairly moderate, with the gun veering to the left than upwards or to the right. Recoil value is as follows, 0.3 up, 0.15 to the left and 0.1 to the right.

To assist you in keeping you on target, the iron sights of the AK-12 are relatively clean, but the rear post of the irons does cut off some peripheral vision

Unlike in Battlefield 3 where you would get a default weapon with no attachments at all, BF4 changes that as the AK-12 comes equipped with the Kobra Red Dot Sight, Laser Sight and Ergo Grip attachment.

It's a pretty nice set up and honestly one that will be a good weapon set up for anyone new to the BF scene.

Personally though; I would recommend trying out different attachments to see how you can improve the AK-12's performance.

Aside from that, here is my personal recommended weapon set up.

Keep the default Kobra RDS, keep the default Laser Sight, but equip the Heavy Barrel with the Stubby Grip in your underbarrel attachment slot.

The Kobra RDS will serve as a good optic attachment to track your targets, the Laser Sight will be useful for surprise close quarter engagements and the Stubby Grip will be useful to keep your accuracy at the maximum possible by reducing the accuracy penalty of automatic fire by 15% and the Heavy Barrel will be useful for increasing aimed accuracy.

The only two attachments you need to unlock is the Heavy Barrel and Stubby Grip. The Heavy Barrel requires 50 kills and the Stubby Grip requires 120 kills.

(There's supposed to be a picture in this space, the picture for some reason won't upload, check back later for the picture of the AK with the attachments I recommended)

It does seem like a lot of kills but the default setup and weapon performance will not prove to be a problem.

The Verdict

The AK-12 is a good default assault rifle that will get the job done the moment you begin your BF4 multiplayer experience with the Assault Kit.

It by no means is a terrible weapon, the only disadvantage the AK-12 has compared to other rifles is the relatively slow fire rate.

The AK-12 is really here to say "I got you bro"

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed and you learned something helpful.

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