Battlefield 4(PS4 Ver.) Review

Happy New Year everyone!!!

Welcome to 2014!

I hope you all had a good Christmas and a good New Year's Eve.

I also hope that those of you who managed to get a hold of a PS4 or Xbox One this holiday season have been enjoying your next-gen console.

I know I have, because the first game I purchased and played on the PS4 was Battlefield 4.

What better way to break in the new console?

Quick note, I'm not going to do the usual Story section of my reviews anymore. I'll be changing it to Campaign. These sections will be an overview of the single-player campaign.

Let's begin.


 BF4's campaign sets you in the boots of Sargent Reker, a faceless/voiceless character that is in charge of the squad Tombstone.

A character, like past nameless/faceless characters in BF3's campaign. Is the master of any and all military equipment.

The campaign is definitely improved from Battlefield 3's campaign. For starters, you can actually destroy the environments you see in the campaign. It's not like in Battlefield 3 where you could be in a tank, fire at a small building and the building is still in perfect condition. No, in Battlefield 4's campaign you can blow stuff up, even the enemy AI can blast away your cover. So don't think that the stone pillar you're behind is going to be there forever.

What's new about the campaign is that now killing an enemy results in points being rewarded to you  during your playthrough.  Depending on how you get rid of the enemy AI; you get points rewarded to you which will unlock weapons you can use during the campaign.

The better/ more epic ways you dispatch the enemies will reward you with more points, which means more toys for you to use.

Each level will have 3 weapons to unlocks, the more points you earn, the more weapons you'll unlock at the end of the mission.

It's a pretty decent campaign, story wise it's not exactly the most interesting but I will say it is a fun campaign to play. The points you earn in the campaign I actually found pretty fun. It was like playing an arcade edition of Battlefield.


Thank you PS share button.

Battlefield 4 on the next gen system looks amazing.

1080p 60fps Battlefield? Oh god yes.

Frostbite 3 takes Battlefield to a new level of visual quality. Environments are highly detailed, the guns are polished, clean and given a lot of detail.

However, although the game does look great. There were instances where the frame rate would drop ever so slightly. It still ran good, the frame rate drops never caused serious issues. In fact the campaign aspect of the game is the only place in which I experienced frame rate drops.

The multiplayer on the other hand did not experience these frame rate drops.


I wanted to use a good multiplayer screenshot for this section.

Unfortunately I didn't find a good moment, so I used a screenshot from a game of TDM game a couple of nights back.


The best way to describe the multiplayer for BF4 is refreshing, mayhem, fun.

The new maps of BF4 truly refresh the BF experience; no map feels like a map you would have seen or played on in BF3. The much advertised Levolution, allows huge changes to the maps and the environment.

The map Paracel storm is the best example of how drastically one these maps can change.

When it comes to weapons,once again DICE has a HUGE variety of weapons to use in the multiplayer . 83 weapons in total, 32 weapons being new to the BF series. Those numbers are just the guns. There's even new types of knives, grenades and now non-lethal throwables like flash blangs and flares.

Speaking of which, gun customization.

In BF4, when you want to customize your weapon. You will be able to see a 3D render of the gun to see what the weapon will look like with or without attachments you put on the gun.

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Now when it comes to playing the multiplayer, there is one rule of  BF3's multiplayer that all players had to follow and the same rule comes to BF4.


Lone Wolves of the competitive multiplayer, find your wolf pack and make sure you're helping them stay alive as much as possible or help them reach the objective so you and your team will win the game.

Trying to hog all the glory or get that stellar K/D ratio won't happen if you're running through the middle of the map, alone, hoping that the enemy team will have their pants down and gives you the opportunity to get those sweet multi-kills.

Guess what? It's not going to happen.

The Verdict

Battlefield 4 refreshes the Battlefield experience, with new maps, new weapons and a brand new engine that starts of the next generation of games with a bang.

The campaign is ok, there is fun to be had in BF4's campaign.

The multiplayer brings entirely new maps, a sloth of new weapons and of course, rewards teamwork above anything else.

Battlefield 4 gets an excellent  8 out of 10

P.S. I know that BF4 had many issues plaguing the game during launch, I have not experienced any of the issues that has been recorded about the game.

If you have read the review and saw no mention of the issues, it's because I never experienced the issues of the BF4 launch.
Battlefield 4 - PlayStation 4

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