My Opinion on Nintendo's Wii U Situation

Hello everyone.

Before I continue into this blog.


I am not a Sony fanboy I am not a Microsoft fanboy and I am not a PC fanboy. I only have one Sony console, the PS4. I only have 1 Microsoft console, the Xbox 360 and I have 3 Nintendo consoles. The Nintendo 64, which was my first games console. The Nintendo Gamecube and Nintendo Wii.

You could look through my gaming collection and find I have way more Nintendo games then 360 games.

If anything, technically you could call me a Nintendo fanboy but that's besides the point.

Unfortunately to many of us it is no surprise to many of us that lately Nintendo has been struggling to sell the Wii U. Although the 3DS is selling at a dominating rate.

The Wii U on the other hand is not, Nintendo has had to cut the 9 million units sold  projection to 2.8 million

So here is really, in my opinion the biggest thing hurting the Wii U and the 2nd biggest thing hurting the Wii U.

Their marketing and lack of 3rd party support.

Recent commercials for the 2013 holidays where the kids show the parents a diagram of what happens when the family plays games like Super Mario 3D World together; does not convince gamers that they should buy the Wii U.

Commercials like this V  don't entice gamers to buy the Wii U.

What Nintendo needs to start understanding is that the 1990s or 80s  kid gamer that would ask their parents to buy the latest Nintendo console to play those Nintendo exclusives like Zelda and Mario has grown up and to a certain extent, does not exist.

There are still kids out there who see games like Legend of Zelda HD, Donkey Kong and Pikmin, who do want to play those games. That group of young gamer though is almost like an endangered species.

It's rare to find them. You guys may have also noticed that 5 year old children or slightly older are getting games like Grand Theft Auto V.

This V

No longer works.

This V

Is what happens now. Advertising for the latest Mario game is not going to get them to buy the Wii U.

But this V

Is something Nintendo should be doing in order to entice gamers into getting the Wii U.

Not commercials targeting child audiences or promoting "family time." It sounds mean I know, but unfortunately Nintendo isn't going to get the Wii U off of store shelves with that kind of marketing.

It's Nintendo's attempt to once again go for that family gaming audience that they went after when the Wii was released.  It is not going to work anymore. The family gaming audience, like the child audience, is an endangered species. Games like Super Mario 3D World will not be enticing a lot of these type of consumers to come get the Wii U.

Grand Theft Auto V(unfortunately) will get the child audience enticed to buy a console.

Which brings me to third party support.

If you had a title like Grand Theft Auto V on the Wii U. People might start buying the Wii U. If titles like Dying Light, Destiny and The Division were coming to the Wii U, people might start buying the Wii U.

Unfortunately that's not the case. Again, what's hurting Nintendo's console is that weakened third party support. The Wii U has some pretty good titles on it so far, but it's still not enough.

Sure the Wii U has Assassin's Creed IV but where's Bioshock Infinite? Where's Tomb Raider? Third party titles like that could really benefit the Wii U.

As it stands? I think Nintendo is somewhere in the middle. The current third party support is helping the Wii U but as time goes on, the current third party support the Wii U has will not be enough.

If the third party titles won't come to the Wii U then Nintendo needs to start getting exclusives made for the Wii U that could entice gamers into buying the system. A new Star Fox game or a new Metroid exclusive might help.


Ultimately what I think is hurting the Nintendo right now is Nintendo's attempt at marketing to the child gamer that would look at a game like Super Mario 3D World and ask their parents for the console. Today, that particular child gamer is almost non-existent and the family gaming audience that Nintendo is trying to once again entice. To a certain degree also no longer exists.

The commercials during the Holiday

A lot of you may be saying to yourselves "They can go online and research the Wii U that will help."

It will, but not to the effect you would want.

Remember, there are some pretty awesome titles coming out later this year and unfortunately many of them are not coming to the Wii U.

If people researched the Wii U,t hey would find out that a lot of those awesome looking third party titles are not on the Wii U, they probably will not purchase the system from that lack of third party titles.

There's a rumor going around that Nintendo is making a next-gen console. I have a feeling that it isn't true. If it is true. Nintendo needs to rethink their approach to today's generation of gamers and third party support.

I don't want to see Nintendo go away. I really REALLY hope that things don't go so down hill that Nintendo ends up shutting down.

Can you guys imagine what future generations of games will be like without Mario?

Thank you for reading.

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