Skyrim DLC Review: Dragonborn

Hello everyone, welcome to another DLC review for Skyrim. Today we're going to be looking at the latest DLC for Skyrim.



Dragonborn's story takes you to a previous location used in The Elder Scrolls series(Elder Scrolls 3), you travel to Solstheim after cultists are ordered by a man named Miraak who claims you to be a false Dragonborn.

You arrive in Solstheim to discover that the people of Solstheim have been brain washed and being controlled by Miraak so he can return to the world of the living to exact his revenge on the people of Solstheim who stopped him from becoming the most powerful Dragonborn to exist.

Miraak is the first of the Dragonborn and the strongest, however he has been dead for hundreds of years and something or someone has resurrected him to take over Solstheim. In order to defeat him you must travel throughout the dungeons of Solstheim and the twisted dark realm of Apocrypha to learn the secret of Miraak's strength and how to defeat him.

The story quest line is actually pretty short, depending on what level your character is the main story quests will either be very challenging or very easy. The quest missions are rather small and don't take a lot of effort to complete. Although it's short it's still interesting to learn the history of Solstheim and who Miraak was before he turned evil.

Solstheim is an ash stained land after the volcano exploded. The island is buried in ash and the sky is bleak grey. Apocrypha however is an interesting world where it's architecture of tunnels, arch ways and towers are built upon stacks and stacks of ancient and burned books.

Exploring Solstheim feels like your exploring Skyrim for the first time again. Albeit Solstheim looks almost dead, with it's trees either covered in ash or burnt down to it's stump and plant life dark red and bleak, yet still having a certain mysticism to it like Skyrim.

If the DLC's story doesn't grab you, the atmosphere will.

Playing Dragonborn for the first time you will be taken out of your comfort zone. You're used to facing Skyrim's enemies but the ones you find in Solstheim will not have the same weaknesses and abilities like the ones you found in Skyrim.

Enemies in you find in the world fit the environment and use it to their advantage. Enemies such as the Ash Spawn and Ash Hopper appear out of the ground without warning and overwhelm you with their strong flame attacks and numbers.

Some of your most basic and common attacks you made powerful in Skyrim are to a degree useless here which adds to the feeling that you are a stranger to the land and can't take out every enemy with all of your attacks.

This however encourages players to start experimenting with different combat tactics and abilites which may lead you to enhance skills and abilities you previously didn't use prior to Dragonborn.

There are many sidequests for you to complete that will take you through the many ancient dungeons and introduce you to the new challenges you face in Solstheim.

I know a lot of you have heard that you can finally ride Dragons now in Skyrim. While this is true it's not as exciting as it sounds.

When you find a Dragon to ride you can not control the Dragon to fly around the world freely. However you can use the Dragon to attack enemies and fast travel through the world.

So if you don't beat Skyrim's main story but beat Dragonborn's story you could potentially fight at a Fort either controlled by the Stormcloaks or Imperials with your newly tamed Dragon.

The Verdict
Dragonborn is a nice addition to the game and can actually end up being a benefit to you finding new weapons and new abilities to use in the game to complete the side quests you couldn't complete back in Skyrim.

I was able to get the ability to smith Daedric Armor after beating Dragonborn and there still are many locations and side quests I have yet to find and complete.

Dragonborn did let me down in the fact that you can't ACTUALLY ride a Dragon it was still a cool feeling seeing my character ride on a Dragon throughout the environment.

I give Dragonborn a 3/5(5 score limit due to it being a DLC)

If you want more Skyrim, then Dragonborn is for you.

Thank you for reading and I hope you've enjoyed.

Next review will be on Dead Space 3.

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